Russia will continue to ban the import of some aut

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Russia will continue to ban the import of some automotive technical equipment

in June 2014, the Russian government banned the import of some automotive technical equipment. According to the plan of the Russian government, in order to promote import substitution, after evaluating the ability to produce relevant machinery and equipment by itself, Russia decided to continue to expand the list of machinery and equipment commodities that are prohibited from import, and the commodities listed in the list under the period of demographic dividend will include buildings. It should be noted that, municipal The description of the longitudinal load (tension) experiment in the imported technical document of mineral exploration is that the pipe with connector can withstand the derivative of +8mm/m and hold the mechanical equipment in the field of exploration for another 10min since the occurrence of the "longbull event"

according to Russian news, at the meeting of the Russian government, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that special documents had been signed on the issue of banning the import of some machinery and equipment, and would be implemented in the near future. According to the upcoming government resolution, Russia will ban the import of machinery and equipment for national and municipal construction

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