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Prediction 2017: artificial intelligence is everywhere on Intelligent highways

the situation in the technology industry is always changing surprisingly fast. In 2008, Microsoft failed to bid $44.6 billion for Yahoo, while Verizon pocketed $3.8 billion. Cloud computing began to develop in 2008. At that time, no one could expect that e-commerce Amazon would dominate in this field. At that time, a model called iPhone was just launched, but many people have realized that it will bring great changes to the world

1. The emergence of smart highways

people are no longer unfamiliar with the concept of smart highways, and there should be written promises of quality assurance and maintenance of external insulation systems. The 2002 film "minority report" imagined the future in the film. With Uber recently testing autonomous vehicle on the road in San Francisco, Google waymo launched Fiat Chrysler cars equipped with auto drive system this month, and other projects launched in succession, we are bound to see the emergence of smart highways in 2017

the intelligent highway will greatly reduce the number of people who will die in the same accident together with the self driving vehicle to improve fuel economy. In 2015, 35000 people died in traffic accidents in the United States, and 1.2 million worldwide

2. The global bank

media predicts that a new Shanghai Bank will appear this year. Launched in the United States or the United Kingdom, and then expanded globally

3. Network security has become a hot topic

in 2015, VentureBeat predicted that there would be a start-up company in the security field, and the world's investment in this field would exceed 2.5 billion US dollars by the end of the year. Hackers' intervention in the general election the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was hacked, which will bring unprecedented attention to network security

4. US TMT welcomes China's invasion

this is not trump's dangerous words. In the coming year, Chinese bat (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) and other forces will enter the U.S. high-tech, media and Telecommunications (TMT) industry as investors or acquirers. For many years, Alibaba completed its first acquisition of an American company in September this year: ant finance, a subsidiary of Alibaba, bought eyeverify for $70million. The total market value of China's three major Internet companies exceeds 470billion US dollars, and their revenue exceeds 20billion US dollars. Another Chinese buyer is Wanda Group. Wanda recently acquired Dick Clark for $1 billion, and previously acquired legendary entertainment for $3.5 billion in January 2016. VentureBeat expects that as more Chinese companies in Vietnam seek to become global enterprises, Chinese buyers will continue to increase their acquisitions of American TMT

5. AI will be everywhere

ai is the latest hotspot. AI virtual assistant, AI big data analysis, AI coffee pot, AI toothbrush... AI will be everywhere. People no longer bother with family vacations and arranging weekend activities, and everything can be handled by AI. In the age of AI, making decisions manually will become a luxury and thankless thing

at the same time, AI hype will also usher in its heyday. VentureBeat believes that many start-ups with AI and machine learning as gimmicks are simply difficult to match, and need to be identified and vigilant

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