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Foresee the 2019 new energy vehicle market: the new and old forces confront each other head-on. There are 30 days left for multinational giants to land in China, and we will usher in 2019. In 2018, the new energy vehicle market was very popular. Under the overall negative growth of the vehicle market, the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles in the first 10 months reached 879000, a sharp increase of 70% year-on-year. What will the new energy vehicle market look like in 2019

euro billion has sorted out 44 new energy passenger vehicles that have been listed and will be listed in China recently. These products will become "trendsetters" in the automotive market in 2019. Through the analysis of the above models, we can see the trend of China's new energy vehicle market next year

for the new forces of car making, 2019 will be the year of large-scale delivery of the first batch of products; For domestic automakers, 2019 will be the last year they can get government subsidies; For overseas automakers, 2019 is the last year before they make a big attack on the Chinese market

the new forces of car making want to seize the cake that previously belonged to traditional automobile manufacturers. Self owned brand car companies continue to refine their products, and the "outposts" of overseas car companies have begun to station in the Chinese market. The three forces that did not interfere with each other before will usher in a big scuffle in 2019, and the future king of dominating this market is likely to emerge in this year

the new and old forces officially began to face off

previously, many people believed that 2018 would be the first year of the concentrated outbreak of new car making forces. However, the reality shows that most of the new car manufacturers have not yet achieved large-scale delivery, and even the enterprises that have begun to deliver have not reached the delivery scale of tens of thousands, far from the level that the leading enterprises of new energy often sell 100000 vehicles a year

however, by 2019, everything will be different. Xiaopeng plans to deliver 30000 vehicles that year, Xinte plans to deliver 40000 vehicles, Beijing qinghang is expected to deliver 50000 vehicles, and Weima plans to reach the delivery scale of 100000 vehicles. For comparison, only BYD, BAIC and SAIC are expected to deliver more than 100000 new energy vehicles in China's market this year, and only 8 enterprises delivered more than 30000 vehicles in the first ten months. It is worth mentioning that the delivery scale of these traditional car companies is still supported by a variety of models, while at present, most new car makers only have one model

Xinte and qinghang mainly focus on the market below 100000 yuan, and the sales models of Weima and Xiaopeng will fall in the market of 100000 ~ 200000 yuan. It can be said that these new car building forces will directly compete with the new energy vehicle products under the current independent brand

at the same time, Weilai es8, a pure electric vehicle that focuses on the high-end market, will also pass the production capacity climbing period in 2019 and begin to impact on the hegemony of high-end new energy vehicle brands. Weilai's international rivals will also take the first step to test the Chinese market in 2019

multinational giants enter the domestic new energy market

Weilai has locked its rivals into Mercedes Benz, BMW and other luxury brands. At present, only Tesla Model s, model X and Jie are luxury brand pure electric vehicles sold in China, which also brings opportunities for their cooperation. Leopard i-pace and BMW I3. For velai es8, these models are not enough to form enough competition. The price of the first three models is much higher than that of itself, while the size and configuration of BMW I3 are several levels lower. 2019 is the first time for Wei Lai to face new opponents

Tesla Model 3 is the most likely product to seize the market of velai es8. The car has released a predetermined price starting from 540000 yuan in China. Although the size and texture of this product are far inferior to the velai es8, it has very mature and powerful technical strength in the fields of mileage, car service, automatic driving and so on. With the continuous improvement of production capacity next year, the car is expected to pose a certain threat to Wei Lai in China

in addition to playing in the high-end market, multinational giants have also begun to layout in the middle-end market. Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi pure electric has been listed, and Volkswagen e-Golf will be made in China next year, such as stretching, zigzag, impact, hardness, etc. the Sihao ex20 under JAC Volkswagen may reduce the terminal price to about 100000 yuan. In addition, many plug-in hybrid models of Sino foreign joint venture brands have also been listed, and Toyota will launch the plug-in hybrid version of its best-selling corolla next year

suv replaces sedan as the new main force in the market

from the current sales situation, China's new energy vehicle market is still dominated by small cars and mini cars. Among the top ten new energy vehicles in terms of sales volume in the first 10 months of this year, only BYD song DM is a car product

however, due to the previous popularity of the SUV market and the consumption upgrading of China's automobile industry, SUV is still the main market for many automobile enterprises. Among the 44 new energy vehicles counted in this paper, 27 are SUV models, accounting for more than 60%, and most new car makers choose to build their first models into SUV shapes

of course, many new energy SUVs recently listed have shown some competitiveness. BYD's new generation Tang DM and Yuan EV have ranked among the top five in China's new energy vehicle sales list in October. Marvel x, a high-end pure electric SUV product under Roewe, has achieved a cumulative order of more than 5000 vehicles in just one month after its launch...

it is conceivable that in the coming 2019, more SUV models with green labels will appear in front of you. However, SUV sales in the fuel vehicle market have begun to decline, and it remains to be seen how much the betting SUV can stimulate the new energy vehicle market

is written at the end:

the subsidy policy will continue to decline in 2019, which requires Xinneng automobile manufacturers to launch products with higher endurance and lower cost. Among the 35 pure electric vehicles counted in this paper, products with a comprehensive endurance of more than 400km account for 40%, and products with a endurance of more than 500km have also appeared

in the coming 2019, the independent brands that once dominated China's new energy vehicle market will not only face the challenge of increasingly stringent subsidy policies, but also face the competition between new car makers and joint venture brands

the last year before the subsidy completely declines is like the last round of thorough examination before the college entrance examination. The excellent will face the future with more confidence, and the backward will face the threat of elimination. Some enterprises have been on the edge of elimination in 2018, and the elimination in 2019 may become more intense

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