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Premier Li Keqiang releases new signals at the special meeting of the State Council Premier Li Keqiang releases new signals at the special meeting of the State Council Information on China's construction machinery on August 28, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, presided over a special meeting of the State Council in Beijing to study the impact of new changes in the international economic and financial situation on China's economy and countermeasures, and made an important speech. Photographed by Ma Zhancheng of Xinhua news agency, the State Council held a special meeting on August 28 to study the impact of new changes in the international economic and financial situation on China's economy and countermeasures. Premier Li Keqiang presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech. From the TV pictures, although the participants are "very small", they are absolutely "heavyweight". Not only four vice premiers and three state councilors, but also the "top leaders" of macroeconomic decision-making departments such as the governor of the central bank, the director of the national development and Reform Commission, and the Minister of finance were all present

such a "high standard" lineup, special research on the recent domestic and international economic and financial situation, which was rare in the past. "Intensive reading" Xinhua News Agency newsletter can analyze which new letters are released to avoid scratching the objective number

economic operation encounters new pressure

first, the "target" of the next economic work is clear

Premier Li Keqiang completed the production of graphene at the symposium by bedimensional SRL, a start-up company of IIT and a member of the graphene flagship company association. He pointed out that the recent abnormal fluctuations in the international financial and commodity markets have increased new uncertainties in the world economic recovery, and the impact on China's financial market, imports and exports is also deepening, and the economic operation is under new pressure

the new pressure means that new problems have been solved, and the consciousness of long carbon chain 2-yuan acid obtained by microbial fermentation of petroleum light wax has been independently developed, as well as new countermeasures. The premier has always said that we should have firm confidence in China's economy and maintain our concentration. But at the same time, he stressed that we should face the difficulties and challenges directly, prepare for a rainy day, respond in a timely and appropriate manner, and pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages

the so-called "profit" refers to the positive factors in the current economy. The symposium also gave a clear judgment: the State Council has successively introduced a series of targeted regulation and control measures, such as reducing reserve requirements and interest rates, reducing taxes and fees, and stabilizing the market. The effects are constantly emerging, and the positive factors accumulated in structural adjustment have also enhanced the momentum of development

in particular, don't ignore two core reference frames: first, China's economic operation remains within a reasonable range - this is compared with itself; Second, China's economic growth is still at the forefront of the world - this is China's ratio to the world

support the overall stability of the macro economy with the continuous burst of micro vitality

secondly, further clarify what "weapons" are

active fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy are the most basic weapons in the policy toolbox. Interval regulation, directional regulation and camera regulation are the most flexible weapons. In particular, in the face of the extremely complex domestic and international economic situation, Li Ke took advantage of the situation to thrive. On the basis of adhering to the interval regulation, he was required to see from a small point of view, flexibly implement policies, and hedge the downward pressure of the economy with more accurate directional regulation and camera regulation

idioms such as "seeing from a small point of view" are obviously not the traditional expression style of the manuscript. This should be understood in combination with the other two sentences in the manuscript: "support the overall stability of the macro-economy with the continuous burst of micro vitality", "concentrate on development and sensitively capture the signs and tendentious problems in economic operation". Only by "focusing on nothing else" for the first priority of development can we achieve "insightful knowledge". On the one hand, the vitality of the majority of market players and the entrepreneurship and innovation of the public are enough to drive the prairie fire of the entire economy; On the other hand, for the "micro" of emerging and tendentious problems in economic operation, we should always be sober and sharp, so as to accurately force, and the camera can be pre adjusted and fine tuned

reform is the only way to solve the problem. This is also the sharpest "ultimate" weapon. "Reform" was mentioned four times in the release: continue to promote structural reform, stimulate market vitality with stronger reform and innovation, come up with more new measures of reform and opening up, and continue to promote the reform of the financial system. These four "reforms" take into account macro, meso and micro aspects, and each has profound meanings

hold the bottom line of no regional systemic risk

again, clarify what "ammunition" is

in response to domestic and international economic changes, the "weapons" of reform and policy regulation need to be constantly filled with new "ammunition". Six rounds were fired consecutively in this symposium:

1 Innovate investment and financing methods, improve the investment capacity of local and enterprises, promote the implementation of major projects such as public facilities construction, support the development of the central and western regions and poverty-stricken areas, and expand effective investment by setting up special funds, replacing local stock debts, issuing corporate bonds, and adjusting the capital ratio of fixed asset investment projects

2. Focusing on the new demand of residents' consumption upgrading, we will launch new policies to promote consumption and benefit people's livelihood, promote the development of express and other circulation industries, and release the consumption potential

3. Accelerate international production capacity cooperation and achieve more win-win development results

4. We will support the upgrading of the real economy in terms of quality and efficiency, promote accelerated depreciation in machinery, textiles, light industry, automobiles and other fields, and increase support for investment in technological transformation of traditional industries

5. Support enterprises' R & D and innovation activities by improving the calculation and deduction of R & D expenses and revising the administrative measures for the identification of high-tech enterprises

6. Expand the application of green energy-saving and low-carbon products, promote the expansion of "interconnection +" to more industries, and form new growth points

it can be clearly seen that the essence of these "ammunition" is the "double engines" of China's economy, which Li Keqiang repeatedly stressed - increasing the supply of public goods and public services; Promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation. With the traditional growth momentum weakened, this series of new measures of reform and opening up is bound to effectively stimulate new drivers of economic development

Li Keqiang pointed out at the meeting that financial stability is related to the overall economic situation. Recently, improving the central parity quotation mechanism of the RMB exchange rate is a reasonable measure to comply with the trend of the international financial market, but the RMB exchange rate has no basis for continuous depreciation and can be basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level

the special session will send a signal for the "powerful ammunition" of finance, which can be understood from three aspects. First, "ammunition improvement": continue to promote the reform of the financial system, maintain reasonable and sufficient liquidity, and enhance the ability to serve the real economy; Second, "ammunition upgrading": maintain the stable operation of the financial market, accelerate the construction of relevant systems, and cultivate an open, transparent, long-term, stable and healthy capital market; The third is "ammunition safety": strengthen and improve risk management, and hold the bottom line that there will be no regional systemic risks

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