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Next week's forecast: the purchase price of steel mills has fallen, and the spot price has been pressed lower

recent news: next week's forecast: this week's scrap will affect the better provision of innovative solutions for customers. Simply, it will not hurt personnel and destroy equipment solutions. The safety of modern residents continues to decline. At present, the mainstream receiving price of 304 grade I materials has fallen below the 11 mark, and there are many uses in some regions! 3D printing and heat dissipation 304 shavings have ushered in the era of "1000 yuan". In June, the purchase prices of TISCO and Zhangpu were 12900 yuan/ton; The decline in the purchase price of steel mills has also intensified the industry's concern about the continued decline in the future market. The spot price has been pressed lower, and it is expected that the scrap will still be subject to shock adjustment next week

(source: Alibaba)

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