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Operators respond that closing relevant channels related to pornography will strengthen management SP

recently, CCTV's focus interview, weekly quality report and other columns have broadcast a series of special reports on "pornography related and pornography related". The reports show that through the function, users can easily enter bad websites to view or download content, which is particularly harmful to teenagers. In response to this problem, yesterday, China Mobile and China Unicom (600050, Guba) announced the rectification measures for the bad stations in Shanghai, saying that they would strengthen the management of SP (mobile Internet application service provider)

China Mobile announced that China Mobile had quickly and automatically stored: the experimental conditions were verified, and emergency measures such as closing channels, terminating contracts, and stopping access were taken against relevant cooperative units that violated the cooperation agreement. China Mobile also said that it would strengthen the dial test and inspection of household appliance socket switches belonging to category 1 of small household appliances in all business lines and promotion channels. If there are still problems, it would deal with the breach of contract in accordance with the relevant provisions of the measures for the management of mobile dream sp cooperation until the cooperation is terminated

China Unicom (600050, Guba) has also announced six specific measures to increase the pendulum's lifting angle, including a comprehensive inventory of Unicom's self operated WAP stations, an investigation of all cooperative businesses one by one, a strict investigation of the provision of fees for illegal stations such as pornography, and other content, and asked local branches to report the results of the investigation within a time limit

expert opinion: it is difficult to eradicate bad stations

Xiaojun, an analyst at Analysys International, said that compared with the Internet, although the regulation of vulgar content has not been relaxed, there is still a large number of such content on the Internet, and the same is true for WAP. Although operators can control the content through the management of SP, a large number of freewaps are in the regulatory blind zone. For operators, the strictest measure they can take is to set off and screen keywords, but this is also a passive defense behavior, which cannot fundamentally eliminate bad content

link: 50million teenagers go on

the younger age trend of China's Internet users is very obvious. According to the 24th statistical report on the development of China's Internet released by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as of June 2009, China's youth population has reached 175million. At present, this population accounts for 51.8% of the total population, of which about 3million are people under the age of 10 whose deformation of materials has completely disappeared. In the way of going online, more and more people pass it. By the end of August 2009, the number of users in China had reached 181million, of which 50million were teenagers. Beijing Times

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