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Opp lighting attended the "Intelligent Lighting Forum" and talked about the new trend of cross-border development of China's intelligent lighting

on July 26, 2018, the "40 person Intelligent Lighting Forum 2018 open meeting" guided by China Lighting Appliance Association and hosted by Shanghai Pudong intelligent lighting Federation came to an end in Shenzhen. As a result of wear and tear, OPP lighting and, Xiaomi, Alibaba, JD **And other industry giants attended the show

Mr. Qi Xiaoming, chief technology officer of OPP lighting, delivered a keynote speech on "intelligent innovation and cross-border cooperation", discussing the new trend of cross-border development of China's intelligent lighting with experts in various fields

(Mr. Qi Xiaoming, CTO of OPP lighting, delivered a speech)

bring together cross-border industry giants to focus on the field of intelligent lighting

instruments adopt vacuum pumps imported from Germany to extract vacuum from vacuum containers. The 2018 Intelligent Lighting Forum, with unprecedented grandeur, focuses on the conference theme of "new industry, new IOT, new retail", and brings together lighting enterprises, IOT enterprises, * * chain enterprises, operators Many industry giants, such as new retail enterprises, have attracted extensive attention from mainstream media in lighting, home furnishing, design and other related industries

OPP lighting, as a representative cross-border development enterprise of intelligent lighting, was awarded the "outstanding contribution award for cross-border intelligent lighting", Mr. Qi Xiaoming, CTO of OPP lighting, took the stage to accept the award and expressed his view: "intelligence will become the next outlet of the lighting industry. Only by continuous innovation in the direction of IOT intelligence can we maintain the competitiveness of enterprises. Intelligence will also bring all kinds of cross-border and integration, and enterprises need to seek survival and development through cooperation and win-win."

(third from the left, Mr. Qi Xiaoming takes the stage to accept the award)

OPP lighting "people-oriented" and join hands with big coffee smart crossover

OPP lighting actively carries out various cross-border strategic cooperation in the field of smart lighting, breaks down industry barriers, and aims to jointly build an open and interconnected new state

as the preferred lighting brand of Huawei's smart home, OPP lighting has made two joint appearances with Huawei in awe, and OPP Zhiqing reading and writing desk lamp has won the annual most popular product award of Huawei hilink, which is hot in the mall at the same time. In June this year, OPP joined hands with Huawei to launch CES Asia. With its leading lighting strength and smart technology, OPP let consumers feel the infinite charm of smart home

in addition to the close cooperation with Huawei hilink, OPP lighting has also successively joined hands with Tencent cloud microenterprises, genie and other leading intelligent service platforms to achieve seamless docking

(OPP Huawei smart home strategic cooperation)

while developing cross-border cooperation in intelligent lighting, OPP lighting has been deeply cultivated and precipitated in the field of lighting applications for 20 years, and has always adhered to the concept of "lighting, people-oriented"

with the continuous development of IOT and artificial intelligence, OPP combines its own research, aiming at different people and different scenes, from vision, physiology, and even emotion, has an insight into the deep needs of consumers, comprehensively considers various design elements of lighting, provides targeted solutions except for several large plastic enterprise groups with younger facilities, and creates a solution that makes users visually comfortable, healthy A pleasant lighting environment

(lighting, people-oriented)

accelerate the pace of intelligent lighting towards a better quality of life

at first, the intelligent control of a single lamp, the smart lighting scheme of scene, and then the smart home solution of the whole house; From functional items to cross-border items; From the control of light temperature by app to the realization of voice control. Opp lighting aims to create a new ecosystem of smart home and truly bring consumers a "humanized" intelligent lighting experience

in the future, OPP will further work with major brands to fully apply its strength in the field of lighting to the market, accelerate the development of intelligent Internet lighting in the era of IOT, comprehensively promote the development and layout of smart homes and cities, and constantly move forward towards a better future of smart new ecology

about OPP lighting

OPP lighting started in 1996 and is mainly engaged in the R & D, production, * * and service of lighting sources, lamps and control products. As an industry giant with independent research and development capabilities, the company, based on lighting products, continues to expand categories to art switches, integrated packaging, kitchen and bathroom, and based on the advantages of channel platforms, develops various business segments, aiming to transform into a lighting system and integrated packaging integrated solution service provider. With a strong marketing team and perfect marketing network at home and abroad, it now has more than 100000 * * points of various terminals. Opp lighting was successfully listed in 2016, and its stock is referred to as "OPP lighting" for short, with the code of. Therefore, the acid value should be lower than 1

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