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Opp lighting's "beyond what you see" keynote speech presents the 70th birthday of the motherland

recently, OPP lighting, together with China and the Mars lecture club, jointly launched the speech ceremony of our country, my home and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. More than 30 stars spoke for the event, and more than a dozen guests, including maxiuhui, the founder and President of OPP lighting, Liu Xuan, the queen of gymnastics, and Uzi, a Chinese E-sports athlete, made wonderful speeches on the scene. Ms. maxiuhui, President of OPP lighting, delivered a keynote speech entitled "beyond what you see". President Ma believes that OPP, as an enterprise that adheres to innovation, innovation and speed, is committed to doing a career of light, constantly improving and constantly surpassing what we see. The wonderful speech won warm applause and unanimous praise from the audience

(the picture shows the scene of the speech ceremony. OPP lighting surpassed what it saw)

on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the great motherland, OPP lighting, as a national enterprise, is bathed in the glory of the times, deeply feels the earth shaking changes that have taken place in the country in decades, is grateful for the past, is steadfast in moving forward, and is full of confidence in the future

(the picture shows Ms. maxiuhui, President of OPP lighting)

in her speech, Ms. maxiuhui reviewed the entrepreneurial process. From the integrity-based start-up in 1996 to the win-win or even multi win cooperation with dealers, suppliers and consumers. The founder told the audience with vivid cases that only by going beyond what he saw, focusing on the future, and cooperating with all parties for mutual benefit, can the enterprise continue to operate and develop in the long run. After more than 20 years of development, OPP has grown from a team of only 8 people to a global lighting enterprise with more than 6000 employees today, and the "inorganic modified high molecular materials", which integrates R & D, production and sales with a revenue of nearly 7billion yuan in 2017, has blazed a new path of innovation

(the picture shows the Wujiang Industrial Park of OPP lighting)

OPP lighting not only surpasses what it sees in the concept of enterprise development, but also constantly considers the positive impact and value that enterprises can have on the country and society. Ms. Ma Xiuhui said that when I make any investment, I will ask myself, what is the value of this thing to consumers? What is the value of social progress? From traditional lighting to LED lighting, from the initial intelligent control of a single lamp, to the scene of the smart lighting scheme, and then to the current whole house smart home solution, OPP lighting has always adhered to the concept of people-oriented, by creating convenient intelligent lighting solutions, to provide consumers with a more comfortable, healthy and comfortable quality of life. After Opel lighting joined hands with Huawei to realize interconnection with other intelligent hardware through hilink protocol in 2016, Opel lighting subsequently connected with the smart home technology platform of other technology giants to realize the linkage between lighting and other intelligent hardware in different scenarios, and provide app, wall switch, voice and other control methods, so that users can truly realize the whole house smart home experience

(OPP lighting smart home exhibition room at the grand ceremony)

behind these smart home solutions, enterprises are constantly innovating and breaking through in technology. Opp has invested more than 100 million yuan in research and development every year, and has more than 1900 patented technologies. In the global R & D center in Wujiang, the modules with stable design and large demand took the lead in solving the difficulties that plagued the domestic experimental machine industry; Promote the intelligent manufacturing of OPP with automation. By using automatic equipment to replace the original manual operation, OPP lighting reduces the dependence on labor, and improves product quality and production efficiency

to serve our country and build our home, OPP lighting starts with small changes, gives play to its own initiative and creativity, grows together with the times, and finally gains the value and brilliance of the enterprise. In her speech, Ms. Ma Xiuhui also revealed that to be an enterprise and do it well is actually to make the greatest contribution and progress to the world. While exploring the domestic market and becoming a leading brand in the industry, OPP is also actively planning the global lighting market, so that Chinese smart manufacturing can go global. At present, OPP lighting has carried out business in more than 70 countries and regions in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and so on. Opp is illuminating the world, lighting up the heart lamp, and surpassing what you see

while developing and expanding, enterprises should not forget the soil they are rooted in and the environmental protection society they shoulder. They should be valuable to the earth. We should be responsible for our bodies and the earth. Ms. maxiuhui said on the spot. As a key link, OPP lighting always pays attention to the earth's environment, responds to national policies, adheres to sustainable development, and is a pioneer in the lighting industry in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection

as long as I keep moving forward, my country, my home and my enterprise will continue to be strong. I want my enterprise to illuminate the world, light up the heart lamp and surpass what I see! With the opening ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the next critical journey of China's development is about to begin. In the future, OPP lighting will surpass what you see. Where you can't see the latter as a roadblock to capacity, we will reach a further future with you

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