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Opnfv also came to join the excitement of kubernetes and openstack.

Chris price, open source strategist of Ericsson SDN, cloud and nfv, said that the industry has high enthusiasm for the association of kubernetes, openstack and opnfv

kubernetes provides us with a very simple and fast way to load workload, which is exactly what we need in the network and on the platform. At the recent opnfv summit, price talked about the wonderful combination of kubernetes, openstack and opnfv

price believes that the release of opnfv Euphrates means a good time to integrate more closely with kubernetes and openstack, and find a way to make the functions provided by both of them used by nfv environment and community

the following is the focus of his speech:

there is still a lot of confusion about how these technologies integrate and interact. We are in a state of group chaos. After being in this state for a period of time, I have begun to accept these technologies. In order to clarify the situation, price suggested more communication with stakeholders and recommended the recent article written by Thierry Carrez (for the convenience of customers)

to avoid confusion, communicate with your interest stakeholders

infrastructure operators

rack mounted server installation equipment (central or remote sites)

focus on cost and efficiency, do not pay attention to workload

Network and application operators

workload handling department, LCM, operation and maintenance

pay attention to performance reliability, We want to open the system that we are still developing more new TPE products

application developers

write programs and run networks. We hope to use the most effective tool

to focus on efficiency, not infrastructure

openstack is very interested in promoting open infrastructure, which means that infrastructure that can apply a variety of technologies and wants to try Abstract technologies, In order to use the infrastructure in a variety of different ways without frequently opening the door cover under the condition of dust intrusion

open infrastructure

infrastructure can be delivered in many ways

infrastructure should always be programmable

infrastructure should allow different users with different needs to access

infrastructure needs to make the responsible team easier

use the best one pass rotor inserts to meet the challenges you face. If you have an open infrastructure, you can meet a variety of needs; Nfv has not prevented the emergence of a single, consistent infrastructure demand. These requirements can be to run virtual machines and containers, or run bare metal, or connect to a specific FPGA, or use GPU to deploy different workloads in different ways

opnfv community needs craftsmanship. We need to hone our skills, master tools, understand their working principles and their interactions, and then find the right tools

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