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Baling Petrochemical's largest thermoplastic rubber production line in China was running

on the evening of August 9, the SIS device of Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company was illuminated. In a burst of cheers, the largest special thermoplastic rubber production line in China was successfully put into operation at one time

according to Zhang Hongxing, manager of the synthetic rubber business department of Baling Petrochemical, the total investment of the production line is 493million yuan. It adopts a complete set of lithium polymer production technology with independent intellectual property rights, and consists of a set of thermoplastic rubber SIS device with an annual output of 40000 tons, a set of thermoplastic rubber SEBS device with an annual output of 20000 tons and its supporting projects

special thermoplastic rubber, known as "rubber gold", is widely used. Special thermoplastic rubber is indispensable for sealing materials in the construction field, paving materials for highways, artificial lawns in sports venues, toothbrush handles, razor handles, beverage bottle cap gaskets, and the determination of its tension resistance and bite ring of baby bottles and pacifiers

in order to promote the innovation of product structure and participate in the market competition with green, environmental friendly and high value-added products with differentiated formula, Baling Petrochemical started the reconstruction and expansion project of special thermoplastic rubber production line in December 2010, and was listed in the list of key projects of new industrialization in the province, which was strongly supported by the provincial economic and Information Commission and other departments

the project related to steel mainly includes the following points: mainly including the construction and installation of raw material tank farm, solvent refining, polymerization, hydrogenation, condensation, post-treatment and other devices. The 80 cubic polymerization kettle, three kettle coagulation, solvent refining double effect process, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, raw liquid coloring fiber and other series, low viscosity PVA, high purity and high elasticity PBT and other functional fiber materials in the new plant are the replacement focus in 2017, and many other international leading technologies, which are independently developed by the company's synthetic rubber division, and have obvious advantages in energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental protection

during the construction, Baling Petrochemical strictly controlled the quality of the project and accepted it in strict accordance with the special requirements of the industry, ensuring that the project construction and equipment installation were safe, and the commissioning and production of the device were successful at one time, which provided a demonstration for the construction of similar devices in China

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