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Operational business intelligence applications will be the future development trend

business intelligence applications are more and more closely related to users' businesses and processes. The objects of using business intelligence in enterprises are no longer only senior managers, but also managers and business personnel at all levels in the enterprise. "With the further deepening of business intelligence applications, operational business intelligence applications will be the development trend in the future." Ben Barnes, general manager of business intelligence (BI) Department of HP software department, said that operational business intelligence pays more attention to management, optimizes the daily business operation of enterprises, pushes the correct information to the right business personnel at the right time for convenience, and then responds quickly, so as to help users solve business problems and meet new business needs

real time determines the value of decision-making

to meet the daily management and decision-making of users, the real-time requirements of operational business intelligence become inevitable. For the importance of real-time, Ben Barnes takes the procurement application in daily large-scale business activities as an example, and sets two axes on a graph, the horizontal axis represents time, and the vertical axis represents the value of decision-making. At a certain moment, the goods that a customer wants to buy are out of stock. If we respond quickly in a short time, the impairment of the enterprise will be relatively small; On the contrary, the longer we spend on decision-making, the lower its corresponding value

in short, with the extension of decision-making time, the enterprise's profits and customer satisfaction are constantly decreasing. Therefore, making the right decisions at the right time and with the right data, and effectively accessing the enterprise's data and information are very important to ensure the normal operation of the company and the growth of the company's profits

because real-time operation decision-making is very important for enterprise operation, and these ordinary users have higher and higher requirements for the real-time service provided by business intelligence system, more and more enterprises have closely connected the decision-making process with real-time information

unified data warehouse and report

to meet the needs of real-time applications in operational business intelligence, companies need to load more data from more data sources and update them more frequently. For general business intelligence applications, it includes three major components: data transformation operation (ETL), data warehouse, and the provision and display of decision information. Data warehouse is still one of the most important parts under the condition of small deformation. When loading the data warehouse, it is necessary to support real-time data loading, updating and extraction, and operate multiple tables at the same time while the database remains online, because stopping users from accessing the database will cause immeasurable losses

for data warehouse, more data marts need to be integrated uniformly. Specifically, by using virtualization and shareless large-scale parallel database technology, many data marts are transformed into a single enterprise data warehouse platform with only one database instance through a large number of commercial components. For such an architecture, while storing massive data, it can improve the speed of accessing the data warehouse, which makes the battery system unable to work for a long time and query in the data warehouse. "To complete such a task, we need an overall solution that integrates hardware and software platforms." Ben Barnes said that HP's neoview is a platform that can provide a complete solution, can support 100 times the data of Teradata, and its stiffness can also be selected within a certain range to serve 1024 processors

neoview integrates the three systems previously used by operators in an application of operators in Asia, and integrates with some related businesses of the call center. The overall data warehouse has 72 billion call data, and then adds 3.2 billion new data. If the previous system is used to input and upload, it will take more than 9 hours; With operational solutions, the time is only about two and a half hours. Using such a platform can greatly reduce the time of decision-making and reporting

at the same time, the operation and monitoring of data warehouses require that real-time operational decisions can be made, which must be guaranteed. 7 × It can be applied 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, for real-time operation decision support

in terms of reports, the company must be able to provide support for more different types of users. These users need to obtain information more quickly, their questions may be more difficult to predict, and they need to get the answers anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the next generation of operational business intelligence is required to allow enterprises to respond quickly, and it is best to use a single report event. For example, a senior manager of the company wants to know the business profits created by the enterprise, the cooperative suppliers and other information, which can be integrated into a single event. From the call center to customer service, and then to the supplier, the three can be integrated into a unified and single view, so as to establish a fast and efficient cooperative relationship between the enterprise and customers and partners. (end)

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