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Operators face fierce competition in the mobile instant messaging market of Internet enterprises

ctiforum on September 30 news: following Feixin, Tianyi live launched by Chinatelecom was officially launched in September 2009, making it the second largest Chinese telecom operator in the communication market after China Mobile, that is, their target capital is 4500 euros (4940 dollars). At the same time, China Unicom also said it had plans to enter the market

the entry of telecom operators has gradually intensified the competition in the mobile instant messaging market, breaking the monopoly of Tencent and MSN, and further promoting the development of the mobile instant messaging market

according to the "2009 mobile Internet business market monitoring - second quarter" released by Chiang consulting (sin leads the world otes), in Q2 2009, the number of active accounts in China's instant messaging market exceeded 80million, an increase of 32% year-on-year; At the same time, with operators and Internet companies competing to enter, Tencent still ranked first with a 60% market share in Q2 2009, but its market share fell compared with 2008

Wu Xia, an analyst of Chiang consulting communications industry, said that telecom operators will actively develop instant messaging services because they are aware of the important role of instant messaging tools in enhancing the stickiness of their users. At that time, the mobile instant messaging Market will face a market sharing pattern between the operator camp and the Internet enterprise camp. CTI Tribune 204 flat opening aluminum alloy window handle

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