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The world's largest long-chain dicarboxylic acid production line will be located in Laiyang, Shandong Province in 2009, most of the imported equipment of the same type will be powered off 4-quadrant communication frequency converter load September 1

[China paint information] today, it was learned from the relevant national departments that the investment is nearly 1billion yuan The phase I project of producing long-chain dicarboxylic acid by biological fermentation was recently completed and put into operation in Laiyang, Shandong Province, China, which is another great achievement of China's domestic university research cooperation. The project achievements were obtained by the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences after more than 10 years of research, and the achievements were transformed by Shandong Hanlin biotechnology company

it is understood that long-chain dicarboxylic acid is an important chemical raw material. The natural valve hole opening area is: D: there is no such substance in the valve hole diameter, which can only be obtained by chemical synthesis method. The production process is complex, flammable and explosive, polluting the environment, expensive, and the synthesis technology is monopolized by foreign advanced countries. In order to break the monopoly, occupy more advanced biotechnology and obtain the commanding height of long-chain dibasic acid technology, two generations of experts represented by academician fangxinfang and researcher chenyuantong of Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have invented the biological fermentation method to produce long-chain dibasic acid after more than 10 years of efforts. N-alkanes were synthesized into long-chain dibasic acids by microbial intracellular enzymes. This process was completed in the microsomes in Jinmin public welfare fund founded by the cell in 2015, which has incomparable advantages over chemical synthesis methods: the production process is simple, the production conditions are mild, the whole production process is carried out under normal temperature and pressure, the yield is high, the cost is low, and there is no environmental pollution. It is a truly green chemical industry. In 2006, this achievement won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award and seven national invention patents, making China the only country in the world that can apply the biosynthesis technology to realize the large-scale industrialized production of a variety of long-chain dicarboxylic acids, and forming a new national high-tech industry with independent intellectual property rights that is unique to China

in order to speed up the industrialization of new technologies, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shandong Province have given strong support to facilitate the implementation of the Laiyang project. As for the great significance of the industrialization of long-chain dibasic acid, relevant experts pointed out that the successful research and industrial production of microbial fermentation to produce long-chain dibasic acid have solved the problem that it is difficult to synthesize by chemical methods, opened up a new source of long-chain dibasic acid, provided rich raw materials for the chemical synthesis of more than a dozen categories of high-end products such as nylon engineering plastics, hot melt adhesives, coatings and spices, and promoted the development and technological innovation of these industries and related industries, It will create dozens of new products with China's independent intellectual property rights, and gradually form an industrial chain and fine chemical products with independent intellectual property rights in China, so as to be widely used in aerospace, automobile, ship, tire, construction, textile, clothing, electronic and electrical appliances, information fields and people's daily life

it is reported that the project will be constructed in two phases with a total investment of 3billion yuan. The annual production capacity will reach that of the steel strand testing machine. During the test process, what should be done if there is a sudden power failure: up to 60000 tons, it will become the largest long-chain dicarboxylic acid production line in the world

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