The world's largest oil exhibition opens in Beijin

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The world's largest oil exhibition opened in Beijing the 14th China International Petroleum and petrochemical technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe Zhenwei international oil exhibition), the world's largest oil exhibition, was held in Beijing New International Exhibition Center on March, 2014, with an exhibition area of more than 90000 square meters, more than 1600 exhibitors and more than 60000 professional visitors

as the wind vane of industry development, this exhibition reflects some hot spots in China's energy equipment industry. With the success of the shale gas revolution in the United States, China is also eager to make major breakthroughs in shale gas development under the background of frequent smog and increasing dependence on oil and gas imports. At this exhibition, there were hundreds of shale gas equipment enterprises. Baker Hughes, chem drilling rig, caterpillar and other international giants have launched new equipment for shale gas exploration and development, such as drilling rig, fracturing fleet, downhole equipment, power equipment and so on. Many of these technologies have made their debut in China. A number of energy giants have voiced their optimism about China's shale gas development. In the coming period of time, Chinese enterprises and overseas giants are expected to continue to strengthen the development and exploration of domestic shale gas resources

experts pointed out that China urgently needs to change the energy consumption structure that relies heavily on coal. Shale gas development has positive practical and important strategic significance for China. In the next 10 years, the exploitation and utilization of shale gas in China will enter a golden age, and rock gas exploration and production equipment may benefit from it. According to the calculation of the Ministry of land and resources, by 2020, China's shale gas exploitation will enter a stage of rapid development, and the annual output is expected to reach more than 100billion cubic meters, which will become an important pillar of national energy

with the gradual opening of shale gas exploration rights to the private sector, the majority of shale gas development customers are expected to usher in a golden decade of rapid development when purchasing Universal Experimental machines in the next decade. Industry insiders said that at present, the sales of highly competitive color changing materials in the equipment field in the construction market will not exceed US $1.1 billion. Enterprises gradually realize that they must form their own characteristics in the future, so as to expand the development space, and gradually transition from a single manufacturer to the integration of manufacturing services. In this exhibition, the exhibitors involved in shale gas related technologies and equipment include Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., Jerry group, Nanyang No. 2 Machinery Co., Ltd., Sichuan Honghua, Shandong Kerui, Shanghai Shenkai, Sany Heavy Industry, North heavy industry, Jianghan No. 4 Machinery Co., Ltd., PetroChina Kehao, Liaoning Tianyi, Anton petroleum, etc. As a giant in the construction machinery industry, Sany Heavy Industry for the first time brought shale gas related equipment to the exhibition, which attracted much attention

it is understood that many enterprises will display the latest products and technologies in six major sections, including petroleum and petrochemical technical equipment, shale gas technical equipment, offshore oil and gas technical equipment, pipeline and storage and transportation technical equipment, explosion-proof electrical equipment and maritime technical equipment. More than 100 domestic and foreign procurement groups, including Saudi Aramco, Iran international petroleum, Mobil, BP, shell, total, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Gazprom, Petrobras, Petronas Malaysia, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, PetroChina overseas project department, Pipeline Bureau, Sinotrans, and general logistics equipment procurement department, visited the site for negotiation

under the background of strengthening offshore oil and gas development in various countries, offshore engineering equipment has also become the focus of attention. In this exhibition, the proportion of offshore equipment enterprises is close to 40%. According to experts' analysis, the proven rate of China's offshore oil and gas resources is low, and it is in the early and middle stages of exploration as a whole. In the future, China will further strengthen the exploration of offshore oil, the marine economy has risen to the level of national development strategy, and the related marine engineering equipment will further open the development space

cippe will hold more than 30 theme exchange activities in the same period. Large scale theme activities such as the selection of cippe exhibit innovation Gold Award, cippe2014 International Petroleum Industry Summit Forum, Colombian petroleum investment opportunities, Danish offshore technology, pipeline construction development trend and investment strategy have built a rich interactive platform for visitors and exhibitors. As the code for design of building foundation for the annual world petroleum equipment conference (GB 50007 ⑵ 002), the 14th China International Petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment exhibition was co sponsored by Zhenwei exhibition and petroleum and equipment magazine, and supported by China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries, China Petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry association China Council for the promotion of international trade chemical industry has brought confidence to extruder enterprises

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