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The world's largest complete set of papermaking equipment produces Kraft corrugated paper from waste paper yesterday, the No. 3 machine of yongfengyu papermaking (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. was put into trial operation. The world's largest paper-making complete equipment imported from Germany can feed waste paper and produce Kraft corrugated paper, with a daily production capacity of 1360 tons. At the same time, the wastewater treatment system is upgraded to achieve green production

yesterday, I saw a 300 meter long large machine running in the Yongfeng Yu No. 3 locomotive room. This paper-making equipment produced by Voith, the world's paper-making machinery giant, is a complete set of paper-making equipment with the highest automation level and the largest scale in the world at present. It only needs 78 workers per shift. According to zhangxuejian, general manager of yongfengyu paper (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd., most of the screw barrels do not need cooling. The speed of this machine is 1200 meters per minute, and the operation steps of metal tensile test can be up to 1360 tons per day

due to the imperfect domestic waste paper recycling system and low quality of waste paper, it can only be used to produce low-grade white paperboard with poor paper quality. We used to buy waste paper from abroad at a very high cost. According to zhangxuejian, in the past two years, the domestic waste paper recycling system has been gradually improved, and the quality of waste paper has also been correspondingly improved. With the improved domestic waste paper and this world-class complete set of equipment, the utilization rate of waste paper has been increased from 30% 40% to 70% 80%, and the cost has decreased by 40%. In addition, after unit 3 was put into operation, the production water consumption per ton of paper was only 8 tons, saving two tons compared with the domestic standard of 10 tons of water for one ton of paper. On the premise of producing paper of the same grade, it reached the lowest level in the industry

if there is production water, there will be production wastewater. Zhangxuejian introduced that in order to cooperate with the launch of unit 3, yongfengyu has built the most advanced anaerobic treatment plant to improve the wastewater treatment capacity of the plant, which can treat 18002000 tons of wastewater a day. At the same time, biogas is produced to realize recycling. Zhangxuejian told us that the treated wastewater has reached the national cod90 standard and has been used for toilet flushing, greening irrigation, fire water, etc

next, we plan to further reduce the wastewater to cod40 or 50. Zhangxuejian explained that the waste water with a standard of COD of 40 or 50 can withstand greater force before fracture, and can basically be recycled. In the future, the production waste water will reach level 3 purification through anaerobic treatment and biochemical treatment

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