The world's largest desktop LED printer is listed

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The world's smallest desktop LED printer is on the market

recently, Oki company, the world's famous commercial printer manufacturer, officially announced in Beijing that b2200 black-and-white LED printer, the world's smallest desktop page printer designed for individual users, was officially launched. This is the first economic black-and-white printer launched by Oki company for Chinese individual SOHO office users, and it is also another masterpiece since the release of B410dn, a network office A4 black-and-white printer, before the Spring Festival

according to linzhengmin, general manager of Oki nichong commercial (Beijing) Co., Ltd., black and white printers have always played an important role in the Chinese market, which can be seen from the annual sales of printers. OKI has been promoting and selling led page printers in the Chinese market for several years. In the past, Oki mainly focused on high-end business printing, and launched medium - and high-end products for the Chinese market, mainly color LED printers. The excellent product quality and satisfactory after-sales service make Oki's LED printers popular among users in China, B2200 is the first printer product launched by Oki company in China specifically for personal desktop users and SOHO family. It is believed that this product can bring more surprises to middle and low-end personal and home users

since it is positioned in the individual user market, price will certainly become the focus of attention of such users. Up to now, Oki company has not officially announced the market price of b2200, but relevant people have disclosed that the price of b2200 has strong market competitiveness. This price is not only attractive to users, but also attractive to channel dealers. Such products with advanced technology and reasonable price have always been the target of users and channels

the market for personal desktop black-and-white printers is huge, but the competition among products is also quite fierce. Roughly speaking, HP and other well-known manufacturers have hoarded a large number of trump products. The advantage of b2200 lies not only in the price, but also in the pleasant experience that the product itself brings to individual users. In foreign countries, the petite b2200 is regarded as an office pet. I believe it will also be loved by users in China. Ren Jin, the general agent of the product and the product director of Beijing Zhicheng Taihe digital office equipment Co., Ltd., is full of confidence in the performance of b2200

(b2200 black-and-white LED printer)

b2200 has attracted wide attention in the industry as soon as it is listed with its small and fashionable appearance, healthy printing technology and excellent product performance. Some industry experts who have witnessed b2200 in advance believe that the praise of being cute, fashionable, convenient, efficient and healthy can be placed on b2200

next, experts from Oki will analyze the product features and market highlights of b2200 in detail. China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a sustainable direction

small size and convenient office b2200 maintains Oki's concept of fashion and compactness in printer appearance design. The product has reached an amazing 181mm 321mm 204mm (HWD) in three dimensions. The occupied area of b2200 desktop can be reduced to 0.065 ㎡, that is to say, 15 b2200 printers can be placed on a 1 ㎡ desktop, which is the smallest black-and-white LED printer in the world at present. This also fully conforms to the market positioning of its products for individual users

excellent performance and efficient office in addition to its small size, b2200 still inherits the consistent high-quality characteristics of Oki printer products. As we all know, individual users usually print documents in small batches, sudden and other characteristics, so the length of output time of the printer's home page directly affects the office efficiency. OKI b2200 also has obvious advantages in this regard. With advanced LED printing technology, Oki has already shortened the output time of the first page of black-and-white documents to 5 seconds, far ahead of similar products. At the same time, the b2200 output speed of 20 pages per minute, the resolution of 1200 600dpi, and the monthly load of 15000 pages have become synonymous with high quality

environmentally friendly printing, healthy office pays attention to users' feelings, while b2200 focuses more on users' physical and mental health. It is conceivable that from the perspective of usage habits, personal users and printers can be said to be in close contact. Therefore, the pollution caused by the abandonment of low-end redundant construction of printers has to be paid more attention. B2200 adheres to the LED printing technology carefully studied by Oki. The printing process has no ozone production, such as reproductive system development problems and liver problems. It completely avoids the possibility that ozone may cause harm to human body, and makes the user's office environment more healthy. In terms of consumables, b2200 still adopts the drum powder separation design and can measure the equivalent resistance partial voltage of the friction pair, so that users need to replace the photosensitive drum after using a lot of toner, which greatly reduces the elimination rate of the printer photosensitive drum and also makes a special contribution to environmental protection

linzhengmin, general manager of Oki richong business (Beijing) Co., Ltd., stressed that b2200 is the first low-end product launched by Oki for Chinese individual users and small office market, so it is of great significance to Oki. At present, Oki company has begun to build a sales network with Beijing Zhicheng Taihe digital office equipment Co., Ltd., the general agent of page printer. B2200 will soon be widely introduced to the market through channels. This product will form two fist products in the low-end and middle-end market of black-and-white machine together with B410dn, so that users have more choices in purchasing black-and-white machine products

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