The world's largest horizontal arm up slewing self

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Zoomlion world's largest horizontal arm up slewing self elevating tower crane

Zoomlion world's largest horizontal arm up slewing self elevating tower crane

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Guide: 2010 was a challenging year for Zoomlion construction and hoisting machinery company. When the new year's bell is about to ring, a world-class project, the world's largest horizontal arm slewing self elevating D tower crane, ignited the passion of everyone in the company! Glorious and arduous

2010 is a challenging year for Zoomlion construction hoisting machinery Co., Ltd. When the New Year bell is about to ring, a world-class project - the world's largest horizontal arm up swing self elevating D tower crane has ignited the passion of everyone in the company

glorious and arduous task

on December 30, 2009, the first project communication meeting of D chaired by chief engineer xuwuquan was held in the conference room of the Science Park, and the Secretary of the board Li Jianda attended. The content of the meeting made the leaders present excited and eager to try -- during the construction of Anhui Ma'anshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge project, China Railway Bridge Bureau needs to customize a super large d-tower crane, with a maximum lifting torque of 5200 t meters and a maximum lifting weight of 240 T. This project is the largest horizontal arm swing self elevating tower crane in the world so far, which is still a blank in today's tower crane industry

the development of this project naturally falls to the construction and hoisting machinery company. Huang Qun, the general manager, was excited and pressured by the extremely short delivery period of D of only 9 months and the substantial growth of the sales task of the construction and hoisting machinery company in 2010. As a leader in the tower crane industry, she took over this glorious and arduous task without hesitation. At the communication meeting, the participating leaders unanimously expressed that they actively supported the construction and hoisting machinery company and made concerted efforts to invest in the project. Because this project has extremely far-reaching strategic significance for both the industry and Zoomlion

in today's super large engineering tower cranes, foreign brands occupy a leading position. In 2003, the two imported tower cranes used in the construction of the third Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge and Sutong Yangtze River Highway Bridge were among the world's largest horizontal boom top slewing self elevating tower cranes at that time and even now, with a maximum lifting torque of 3600 T/m. The development of D tower crane will be a major breakthrough in China's engineering construction equipment manufacturing technology, a milestone in the development of global tower crane technology, marking that China's long-term dependence on imports of ultra large tonnage tower cranes for engineering purposes will be completely rewritten, and it is also the best opportunity for Zoomlion and Zoomlion to further enhance their industry status and brand influence! China Railway Bridge Bureau, the equipment purchaser, is the ace in bridge construction in China, and its bridge technology level is leading in the world. Cooperation with world-class bridge building enterprises will surely realize the strong cooperation, complement each other's advantages, and jointly achieve the "world first" of "created in China"

efficient cooperative operations

at the critical moment, the rapid response ability and team spirit of the Zoomlion personnel were intensively reflected. Under the coordination of the leaders of the headquarters, the D project team with a strong lineup was established at the first time. The project team is led by lijianda, the Board Secretary of Zoomlion, and xuwuquan, the chief engineer. It is mainly implemented by the construction and hoisting machinery company. All brother units support the project in their fields

at one time, experts from all walks of life gathered together to discuss technical solutions. According to the delivery time required by China Railway Bridge Bureau, the project team has formulated a schedule for the project or the manufacturer of cartons, cartons and plastic bags. It has made a thorough arrangement and reasonable time planning from the design, production, installation, commissioning, shipment to the site tower erection of the tower crane, and answered the technical requirements of the tower crane one by one from a professional point of view. When a technical proposal was perfectly presented to the investigation team of China Railway Bridge Bureau in just one week, when the experienced project leader talked at the technical exchange meeting, when the technical elite team of Zoomlion filled the meeting room, and when the international fine plant was presented, The experts of China Railway Bridge Bureau from other interested units showed a satisfied smile on their faces...

speaking of project D, general manager Huang Qun showed more confidence from her heart, just as she was persistent and firm when she announced her dream of "becoming a world-class tower crane manufacturing enterprise" in the financial crisis! The reason for her confidence is that she can put forward n convincing reasons, such as technical strength, production capacity, background resources, etc. More importantly, she has an invincible team - in order to ensure the implementation of the project as planned, this team has worked eight in and eight out for 80 consecutive days, worked overtime, and never had a day off easily since it was appointed to the task of project D on January 8, 2010

at present, project D is being comprehensively promoted according to the planned progress, and the technology, production, quality, process and other systems are fully followed up. The design of technical drawings is nearly completed and will meet the drawing review organized by China Railway Bridge Bureau in early April; The first batch of raw materials have been mobilized for inspection; The construction of pile foundation for tower erection has entered a critical stage... All works are organized and implemented in an orderly manner

and trust are the cornerstone of cooperation

d project also affects the hearts of senior leaders of Zoomlion. Since the establishment of the project, it has received strong support from the headquarters leaders such as chairman zhanchunxin, Secretary lijianda, chief engineer xuwuquan, assistant chairman tengmingyou and so on. On March 22, at the signing ceremony of project D, chairman zhanchunxin led the senior management team to attend. When wuxiaoli, a senior host of Phoenix Satellite TV, asked chairman Zhan Chunxin about the cooperation between Zoomlion and China Railway Bridge Bureau, he said that the cooperation between China Railway Bridge Bureau and Zoomlion has a long history. It is precisely because of the long-term support and understanding of high-end customers such as China Railway Bridge Bureau that China construction machinery has a place to play and Zoomlion has today's development. The cooperation between Zoomlion and China Railway Bridge Bureau is based on and trust; What China Railway Bridge Bureau adheres to is an enterprise spirit of integrity, innovation, persistence and, which is also the most fundamental cornerstone of project D cooperation

approaching d

throughout the global tower crane industry, it is unprecedented to deliver a world-class tower crane project within 9 months. Numerous technological innovations have made this world-class project bright. D. the maximum lifting torque is 5280 ton meters and the maximum lifting weight is 240 tons. Generally speaking, its power can lift 60 adult elephants to the height of 70 floors. In order to solve the technical problems in design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and transportation, D's structure, mechanism and electrical design have created a number of technical innovations: using the overall dynamic analysis of the tower crane bridge column system, using the multi protection system for lifting and stalling, the real-time monitoring system for operation status, the remote fault monitoring system, the configuration of manned elevators, etc., to ensure the high performance, high safety, high reliability and high efficiency of the tower crane. The components of the whole machine are very large. The central section of the standard section is 7 meters. A single standard section is equivalent to a room with a floor height of 6 meters and an area of 42 square meters. Compared with the huge complete machine, the tower crane unit is small and convenient for installation, disassembly and transportation. At the same time, D adopts the energy feedback of the lifting mechanism, which conforms to the EMC standard, with small electromagnetic radiation and green environmental protection, creating an industry classic of low-carbon construction machinery. D is the crystallization of global resource integration, teamwork and collective wisdom, attracting high attention from peers around the world

we have reason to believe that, on the surging Yangtze River, the "world No. 1" d tower crane "created by China will wave its long arm to write a king's spring and autumn of" pulling mountains "and lead Chinese creation towards internationalization and world class

be a world-class tower crane manufacturer

in 2009, more than 300 guests gathered at the national construction and hoisting industry association. Huang Qun, general manager of Zoomlion construction and hoisting machinery company, made a firm voice through the quiet venue - Zoomlion is going to be a world-class tower crane enterprise! This is the first time that Zoomlion tower crane has publicly announced the world 2. This machine adopts the enterprise vision of computer measurement and control drive system, load electric measurement system and American Digital long displacement detection system. For a while, the atmosphere at the meeting was very warm. The peers admired the advantages of Zoomlion tower crane and expressed their admiration for the magnificent pursuit of Zoomlion tower crane

general manager Huang Qun said that this dream is not rash. She has absolute self-confidence. Her confidence comes from the unique technical strength, manufacturing advantages, resource advantages, international market network and international financial leasing platform of Zoomlion tower crane

technological innovation and inheritance

the development history of "Zoomlion tower crane" is the development history of China's tower crane, which can be traced back to the 1950s. As the technical birthplace of China's construction machinery industry, Zoomlion (formerly known as Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute) has been focusing on the innovation and inheritance of tower crane technology for more than 50 years, always adhering to the sacred mission of leading the scientific and technological progress of the industry, and undertaking independent innovation to improve the overall technical level of the industry with a broad mind Leading the history of made in China to the world, it has supported more than 80% of China's tower crane enterprises to embark on the road of development with a large number of scientific research achievements, laying the technical foundation of China's construction machinery industry

1956 successfully developed the first qtz160 tower crane with independent intellectual property rights in China

in 1996, Zoomlion developed the first fully variable frequency stepless speed regulation tower crane in China, which was the first time that China's tower crane synchronized with the world's advanced level

2008, Zoomlion successfully developed TCR, the largest tonnage boom tower crane in China at that time, rewriting the history of China's large boom tower crane relying on imports. In the same year, D super large flat arm tower crane was launched. Its main performance reached the world advanced level and was in the leading position in China

2009, Zoomlion successfully designed the extra large boom tower crane Dr, completed the technical reserve of D super large tower crane, and laid a solid technical foundation for the development of D tower crane, a world-class project

today, through continuous innovation, Zoomlion tower crane has formed a full range of hammer, flat head and boom products, with a complete range of standard sections of tower body with various connection modes, winning a number of domestic first and international leading technical achievements, and constantly rewriting the history of China's tower crane industry

at the same time, the State Key Laboratory for building machinery key technology enterprises is under construction, and the total planned investment will exceed 60million yuan. The construction of the laboratory will have a far-reaching impact on the technical improvement and industrial development of Zoomlion tower crane. Zoomlion tower crane will rely on the first-class technical platform, multiply its research strength, carry out a series of research on the original technology of tower crane, and achieve a great leap in technology research and development

the largest single tower crane production base in the world

in 2009, Zoomlion invested 500million yuan and the largest tower crane manufacturing base in Asia with a total construction area of 120000 square meters was completed and put into operation, expressing Zoomlion's determination to catch up with and surpass the world's advanced manufacturing

the new tower crane manufacturing base fully simulates automobile manufacturing technology, with assembly line and automation as its main characteristics. The new plant has put into operation pretreatment, post-treatment and 5000 meter long automatic call suspension chain coating system

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