The world's largest crane ship project enters the

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The world's largest crane ship project has entered the crane assembly stage

the world's largest crane ship project has entered the crane assembly stage with the best graded plates

China Construction Machinery Information

the crane ship project is a national industrial technology innovation research and development project, with a hull length of 290 meters, a width of 58 meters, and a maximum lifting capacity of 12000 tons, equivalent to lifting two drilling platforms. The project was launched in 2011. Following the construction of the 7500 ton crane ship "blue whale" and the 8000 ton crane ship "Samsung" of South Korea, CCCC group Product specification: after the hy-0580 (portal type) ship, the market share of the world's largest crane is expected to reach US $108billion in 2022. The ship has the functions of self navigation, anchoring, dynamic positioning and 360 degree full rotation. It is suitable for navigation in the unlimited navigation area. It can perform various lifting, exploration and fishing tasks in the 300 meter deep sea. It can be widely used in many fields, such as bridge erection, rescue, water construction, etc

the ship is expected to be completed in 2015. At that time, it will provide important equipment support for deep-sea offshore operations, salvage and other related fields, and also consolidate the international leading position of CCCC in the construction of large offshore lifting equipment

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