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decoration community: happy era (more community renderings) decoration area: 126 flat type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration style: Mediterranean style decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 100000-200000 decoration company: face-to-face decoration (decoration bidding, decoration map) design analysis:

in terms of design, the final positioning of Mediterranean style is based on the overall consideration. Due to the lack of continuity of the guest restaurant space, From the perspective of overall vision, consider the kitchen as an open type to expand the visual sense after entering the door. The theme colors are mainly blue and white, reflecting the freshness of the sea. The sofa background adopts the overall floor to ceiling windows, giving people a feeling of openness

usually, the "Mediterranean style" home will adopt several design elements: lime mud walls, continuous arcades and arches, ceramic bricks, sea blue tiles, doors and windows. Of course, design elements cannot be simply pieced together, but must have the soul of style running through them. The soul of Mediterranean style, a more consistent view is "the romantic feelings of azure, the pure beauty and nature of the sea and sky in one color and sunny"

blue Mediterranean style living room decoration design (Figure) Mediterranean style furniture was quickly accepted by people in large regions outside the Mediterranean with its very friendly pastoral style, soft colors and atmosphere in combination. The whole living room is based on blue and white. The uniquely designed TV background wall and blue and white cloth sofa are undoubtedly the concentrated embodiment of the blue Mediterranean

Mediterranean element design at the entrance (Figure)

in order to highlight the rational use of space and increase the visual space, a place for placing flowers with Mediterranean elements is designed at the entrance. Starfish, blue doors and white walls make a Mediterranean undersea world jump on the paper

sofa background wall design (Figure) the sofa adopts blue and white cloth sofa, which gives people a fresh feeling, and then it is unified with the blue tea table tone. The colorful photo wall and green vine decorate the whole sofa area extremely fresh and comfortable

open kitchen restaurant design (Figure) in order to enhance the sense of space design of the whole house, the designer specially made the restaurant and kitchen open, and specially designed a glass partition door in the kitchen, just to maximize the use of a space and design the most perfect unity

[designer] house type analysis: [get the design drawings for free]

advantages: the north and South are transparent, and the overall house type structure is relatively regular

disadvantages: the bedroom space is relatively small, and the guest restaurant is not complete

how to correct: the kitchen adopts an open type, expanding the overall visual sense after entering the door

editor's comments: Mediterranean style has always been the pursuit and envy of many people. Mediterranean architecture is like growing out of the earth and hillside, and both materials and colors have reached a certain common understanding with nature. The interior design is based on the relaxed and comfortable life experience by the sea, with few flashy and rigid decorations. The living space makes people feel leisurely and complacent everywhere. If you want to see more renderings, please click to view [2013 most complete decoration renderings]





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