Acceptance details of hardbound repair room, life

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Before receiving the house, we must do a good job in hardbound repair and inspection, and we must do so in order not to be trapped. In addition to professional teams, in fact, they also have many simple methods for fine decoration and house inspection. Don't worry about the fine decoration and house inspection. Only by reading more, asking more and recording more, can we find and solve the problems one by one, and avoid the tediousness and inconvenience in the future

whether the doors and windows can be closed freely, whether there is special sound, and whether the gap is too large after closing. Whether the door lock can be used normally and installed firmly. The paint on the door is in good condition, and there is no bump. Whether there is water stain under the window and whether the window sill dolomite is cracked. The wall is vertical and smooth, and whether there is uplift, crack and peeling

ceiling floor

whether there is a crack on the ceiling top. If the crack has a 45 degree angle with the wall corner, or a larger angle, it indicates that the house has serious settlement, and the house has serious structural quality problems. Is there any lime explosion point on the ceiling? How to save money in decoration? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. This kind of pitting will affect interior decoration. Whether the ground is flat, whether the wooden floor is paved evenly without gaps, and whether the corner line is perpendicular to the ground

air conditioning and heating

whether the air conditioner leaks water, whether the surface is damaged, and how about the cooling and heating effect. There should be an exhaust hole above the radiator, whether it can be screwed, and whether the slope of the inlet pipe and return pipe during the installation of the radiator meets the requirements, otherwise it will affect the heating

kitchen and bathroom

kitchen and bathroom are relatively vulnerable to pollution but need to ensure hygiene. We must pay attention to the drainage of sewer pipes and the leakage of water supply pipes. It can specially do the waterproof test of the toilet floor and the drainage speed test of the sink

power switch socket

all power switch sockets and switches in the house should be tested one by one, and the power on condition of sockets and the power off condition after the switch is disconnected. The lighting lamp holder in the toilet must be a magnetic mouth safety lamp holder, and the socket shall be provided with moisture-proof and splash proof measures. There shall be no socket above the wash basin. The socket 30 cm above the ground must be equipped with a safety device. After passing the inspection, copy the data of water and electricity meter




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