Karoya is the health guardian of your life

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Karoya wardrobe cares for your family, brings you more health and care for your home. The products are green and bring you infinite new ideas. This is your new home environmental protection fashion

the health of every consumer is the loyal care of karoya's family, which brings you a wardrobe with zero formaldehyde emission and a pure natural and pollution-free home environment. This is karoya's health gift for you

the bedroom is our energy charging station and strong backing& quot; Phoenix is not a Wutong tree;, No matter how wonderful the outside world is, in this special space, we can enjoy our own moments. Having a satisfactory bedroom is like finding the most beautiful existence in your heart

the average formaldehyde emission of karoya wardrobe board is ≤ 0.4mg/l, which is lower than the European highest environmental protection grade E0 ≤ 0.5mg/l. Karoya wardrobe Hexiang board is the first zero formaldehyde board series used in China's wardrobe industry

care for children, karoya high-quality board, environmental protection and safety, keep away from formaldehyde, and let children grow up healthily! Care for parents. As parents get older, their resistance is getting weaker and weaker. The top E1 grade plate keeps parents away from the threat of illness! Care for pregnant women, protect you and protect your children from formaldehyde, so that your baby can develop healthily!, Care for yourself, natural materials, eco-friendly, every second of breathing is fresh, let yourself away from sub-health

care for health, stay away from pollution, and bring you closer to happiness. This is karoya's sincere care, take care of your every day and every second, and create your healthy home life




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