Returning to nature, surprised to see the rotten g

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Rotten woman is the abbreviation of "rotten woman", which means hopeless in Japanese. But it is not like the "otaku clan" with the meaning of belittling people, but a self deprecating self assertion. Rotten women or rotten women mainly refer to women who like BL, that is, women who love men in fantasy. Some people also regard "rotten women" as those in-depth "house women" who are committed to the creation of homography. For rotten women, they prefer to return to nature and start to follow the rural style route, especially the American rural style home with pastoral style, which is highly respected. Take a look at the following rural beauty home built by netizens with 110000, which will definitely impress you. The owner named it "love in the country"! Entering the door, I saw a bay window and broken flower curtains. Can netizens see the scenery behind the window




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