Must see feng shui knowledge before office decorat

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Before the decoration of the office, people will naturally design all the decoration schemes, including design styles, decoration materials, etc., but it is always easy for people to ignore the decoration Feng Shui of the office, and even some people will directly ignore the decoration feng shui knowledge of the office. In fact, this practice is wrong. After all, the decoration of the office determines the feng shui of the office, and the feng shui of the office determines our fortune in the workplace; So what feng shui knowledge does it have before office decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

must see feng shui knowledge before office decoration

must see feng shui knowledge before chairman's office decoration

1 It should reflect the temperament and character of the boss. The office should reflect the authority of the owner and the culture of the enterprise, so as to facilitate the implementation of decisions and occupy a favorable position in business negotiations. Sofa, hanging pictures and decorations should be selected with momentum, and foreign guests should look up rather than down. All these arrangements should be unified in the gossip orientation and color style required by the boss's own destiny

2. The seat and orientation of the boss's desk. The boss's desk should not be facing the door directly or back to the door. The indoor boss desk with strong lighting should be far away from the window, and the one with weak lighting should be close. The size of the boss' desk should be determined according to the size of the indoor space and the size of the boss himself, and the proportion should be harmonious

3. Take me as the center. There is a saying in Feng Shui called "mountains surrounded by water". Tall buildings can be regarded as mountains, roads and overpasses as water. Mountains and water should be protected around us, forming a superior Feng Shui pattern of front rosefinch, rear basalt, left Qinglong and right white tiger

4. Highlight the position of the owner. All indoor decorations and facilities, including a flowerpot and a pendant, should reflect the principle of being used by me. The sofa should be placed in a U shape, with the opening facing the boss's desk, forming centripetal force and cohesion

5. Good lighting. If there are glass windows on both sides of the boss' office, the light is too strong and too transparent, which will cause the spiritual weakness and fatigue of the indoor people. The window with poor scenery outside the window should be closed with blind curtains. If the office is a window, the window faces east, South and West, but not north

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must see the feng shui knowledge before office decoration

1 Common office buildings, due to architectural design, often form a long and narrow aisle, while the door of some companies is directly opposite the long and narrow aisle, and the working position can be seen as soon as the door is opened, which is unfavorable. At least, it has to be blocked with a screen

2. In order to reflect the spirit of Long Ma, many companies often put some such as; Eagles spread their wings, or tigers, and these are not suitable for the office, because they are harmful to the health of the boss or employees

3. For the placement of office plants, generally, it is best to use plants with large leaves and broad leaves, while it is best to use plants with thin leaves or needles less. In addition, some people often use cacti to grow well because plants are difficult to grow or convenient. This is also wrong and there will be disputes

4. The layout direction of the fluorescent lamp and the employee's position should preferably show that the fluorescent lamp is vertically above the employee's head, which is not suitable for being directly in front of the employee, which will reduce efficiency

5. Some simple rules: do not press the desk with the beam; Do not face the door to the mirror; It's best not to have a boundary with the toilet, such as the opposite door, back to the toilet

6. It is common that some people's desks have no backing behind them, which means there is no backing behind them. For example, some people like to put their desks in the middle of the house, which is also bad. Generally, there should be as much space in front of the desks as possible - the Mingtang should be broad

7. The position of financial personnel is very important. Generally, they should be placed in a conservative and quiet place, and some companies often go to the financial place more frequently because of business needs, which is particularly important

8. Generally, it is better to put things on the desk, which is high on the left and low on the right, thick on the left and weak on the right. This is conducive to wealth, because the left represents Qinglong and the right represents Baihu Fang

9. Generally, the best place to raise Feng Shui fish in the office is to put it in the Mingtang position or the wealth position, or not, and if you do, you must put it well, otherwise you will lose money if you can't prosper

10. Water seepage, leakage or cracking in the ceiling or wall of the office is a symbol of wealth leakage. It is advisable to remedy it quickly and the ground in the office should be stable, low in the front and high in the back. (Feng Shui)

What feng shui knowledge must be seen before the decoration of the office

1. Feng shui knowledge of reception in the office area

there are 4 pages in total. The first page is 1234. The next page is generally on the right side of the door. This is based on people's habits and Feng Shui. The left hand of the door is wealth, which can generally be used to place plants or feng shui ornaments that enlarge the leaf surface. It cannot be set as a room, so the location of the reception area in the office layout design can be considered on the right side of the entrance

2. The layout of the office meeting room feng shui

is generally designed in the innermost part of the office, because meetings are generally designed to cover company operations and confidentiality issues, so it is necessary to ensure privacy. The lighting of the meeting room is better, and the windows should be opened so that the turbidity will not regenerate and affect Feng Shui. If the room is bright, more lamps can be set

3. The orientation of geomantic omen in the office

from the geomantic eight trigrams, the front of the office is the Mingtang position, which belongs to the off position, that is, the main business of the off trigrams. Therefore, the key position of the office is Mingtang, which affects the good and bad luck of the front floor of the unit. Therefore, the office hall should be open and quiet inside and outside, in order to bring good meaning, which is also the reason why most company receptions are well arranged and there are potted plants near the aisle

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the kitchen is one of the most important places in the home, and kitchen Feng Shui is also the key to affecting the whole home feng shui. Here are ten kitchen Feng Shui taboos to popularize. Don't make them if you are optimistic

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 1: the kitchen door is facing the door. This space is easy to form a hall evil, which is the most serious one of the hall evil. Kitchen door to back door, family money inexplicably spend will be very serious. It will also damage the health of women in the family

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 2: the kitchen door cannot be directly opposite the bedroom door, otherwise it is easy to cause the residents to be dizzy and grumpy

kitchen Feng Shui three taboos: the kitchen, as the source of large and small stomachs, must be lucky. The toilet is an unclean place, and the kitchen represents fire, and the toilet represents water. Water and fire are incompatible, which will lead to family unrest

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 4: the kitchen and toilet are the same door, and the water and fire are excessive, which is very unlucky; In addition, if you go to the toilet first and then enter the kitchen, your appetite will be affected

kitchen Feng Shui five taboos: when the kitchen floor is higher than the floor of the hall, room and other floors, the sewage is easy to flow back; Secondly, due to the difference between primary and secondary, the kitchen should not be above the hall and room; Once again, when serving food from the kitchen into the hall, it should be promoted step by step, otherwise there is a risk of returning money

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 6: the balcony is the protruding thing of the whole building, and it has no grounding gas. Many people want to use the balcony as a kitchen, but it will infect the clothes that are drying

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 7: the stove in the kitchen cannot be directly facing the refrigerator and sink: the refrigerator also represents the place of storage and wealth accumulation. Its nature is water, and it is most afraid of fire attack, which is easy to cause family members' health problems

eight taboos of kitchen Feng Shui: all places that often go in and out and operate should not be under pressure, especially the stove as a platform for food production

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 9: there are two biggest problems with opening windows behind gas stoves: first, the energy is not concentrated. When there is no solid wall to block, the influence of the wind will make the fire source decentralized and waste resources; Second, the incomplete combustion of gas will affect the indoor air. In addition, there is the saying of losing money and bad luck

ten taboos of kitchen Feng Shui: the kitchen owner should rely on his family health, marriage and fame. Don't be vain behind it. You must rely on solid walls. Glass walls are inappropriate

how to crack the kitchen door facing the door in kitchen Feng Shui:

kitchen Feng Shui crack method 1: the best way is to change the door and modify the position of the kitchen door to avoid the kitchen door facing the door

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