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Linghua Technology launched modular smart tablets to accelerate the development and innovation of smart devices

on July 24, 2018, Linghua technology released its new smart tablet solution sp-al series to assist in the development and innovation of smart devices. This integrated and open tablet computer has a highly modular design and supports flexible system configuration. Coupled with the unique function module design of Linghua technology, this smart tablet can accelerate the system prototype development based on the application requirements, thereby saving time, resources and costs. Sp-al is applicable to the fields of transportation, retail, restaurant, industrial automation, medical care and game application. It helps system integrators, integration solution providers and private brand providers to shorten the time to market and reduce the total cost of ownership

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in order to speed up the time to market, reduce the total cost and improve the flexibility of design, Linghua technology intelligent tablet breaks through the conventional design method and adopts innovative module design, so that users can choose touch screen technology, display size, motherboard, i/o interface and heat sink. Linghua technology intelligent tablet can also realize function and i/o expansion through function modules or i/o boards provided by customers to meet the functions required by specific applications. Linghua technology intelligent tablet provides flexible modular design for embedded applications, allowing users to accelerate the development of intelligent devices, and functional verification and confirmation, while saving a lot of time, money and resources. Liuyuyun, product manager of Linghua technology embedded platform and module division, explained

the modular design of sp-al series provides choices including 7-inch to 21.5-inch 16:9 displays, projected capacitive or resistive touch control. At present, the middle panel of China's food packaging materials, and the motherboard adopts Intel Atom x5-e3930/x7-e3950 processor, which supports windows 10, Linux and Android operating systems, and has built-in rich i/o interfaces. In order to meet the specific needs of vertical applications, functional modules can be customized with more i/o interfaces, and functional modules can also be connected to external power supplies to meet the more power consuming computing needs such as graphics cards

in order to ensure long-term and reliable operation, sp-al adopts a reinforced structural design that exceeds the rigorous testing standards of the industry. For example, the motherboard supports a wide temperature working range from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius above zero, supports a reinforced sodimm memory, and the aperture is focused on the same plane as the glass slide, including DC input voltage, overvoltage protection (OVP) and undervoltage protection (UVP). Through the pre loaded intelligent embedded management platform (SEMA), remote system performance and status monitoring can be carried out to achieve predictive maintenance. In order to cope with the application environment of high humidity and dirt, the smart panel adopts physical IP65 grade protection without adhesive. Sp-al provides long life cycle support, such as Intel processors and display modules, eliminating customers' concerns about long-term supply

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