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Linghua Technology launched pacwiz industrial control platform solution

integrate the advantages of IEC standard PLC language and PC based, and reduce the system cost by 30%

on August 2, 2010, Beijing News Expert integrating machine vision and motion control - Linghua Technology launched pacwiz industrial control platform solution, which makes full use of Linghua's innovative technologies and products in embedded reinforced industrial computers and distributed motion control, It integrates the IEC development kit CoDeSys of German 3S company (full name in English is smart software solution), which is a software partner. It can control up to 2016 digital i/o points and 64 servo axes. When the traditional PLC environment cannot meet complex applications in high-speed computing, large amount of data storage, connection mechanism and simple maintenance, pacwiz provides the best PC based automation solution

pacwiz is the first system level PAC solution based on IEC standard PLC language under Linghua technology. It supports five common PLC grammars. The original PLC users can easily import the PC based platform without relearning. Pacwiz has powerful PC computing ability, a large number of data storage devices and built-in connection functions. It can carry out logic and motion control through high-speed IO and fieldbus. At the same time, it has the strong design characteristics and real-time characteristics of traditional PLC

pacwiz of Linghua technology supports high-speed distributed i/o modules and motion control modules, which can be flexibly wired and configured to greatly reduce the cost of system construction and maintenance. Linghua technology pacwiz provides two different platform combinations, one is pacwi with open architecture, and the other is pacwiz DPAC with closed architecture

pacwiz MXC adopts Linghua technology's fanless and elastically scalable IO matrix platform, supports PCI and PCI Express slots, and is equipped with Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz processor. Pacwiz DPAC architecture is based on Linghua technology distributed automation control. The fatigue life of foreign automobile safety coil springs can reach more than 50000. DPAC has built-in motionnet and HSL master-slave controllers, which can be matched with a variety of distributed modules to help users build high-performance motion and i/o control solutions

Huang Yijia, senior director of Linghua technology automation product center, said: with the development of application fields, PAC has the advantages of high computing performance, flexible configuration and low PC peripheral cost, such as memory, CF card, Ethernet, VGA, etc., and PAC has gradually become the mainstream of automation controllers. Linghua technology has a complete product line of motion control and IO control modules, as well as the software characteristics of Feng Shijin testing machine, and rich industrial experience. In order to further meet the needs of customers, it launched PAC solutions for the first time, bringing customers the best automation integration solutions

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