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Linghua technology released a new 3U PXI embedded controller series

the first two groups of GBE Ethernet port hybrid test system, which can control lxi/gpib/usb/serial instrument system, with a seismic resistance of more than 6G. It is applied to electronic manufacturing testing and military measurement equipment

february 25, 2008, Beijing News

Linghua technology, the largest supplier of data acquisition and PXI platform products in Asia, announced that its latest 3U PXI embedded controller pxi-3900 series has launched two new products - pxi-3920 and pxi-3910, which are used in hybrid test systems to provide a variety of interface control or integration of different stride forward independent instruments, including LXI, GPIB, USB, and serial interfaces. It is worth noting that this product series is a 3U PXI controller that first integrates two sets of Gigabit Ethernet ports in the market. One GBE port is connected to the Internet, and the other GBE port can be connected to LXI instrument. Its advantages are dedicated data transmission bandwidth and predictable data transmission delay

in order to enhance the computing performance, the pxi-3920 adopts Intel Pentium M 760 processor, and the pxi-3910 adopts ntel Celeron m 760 processor, which is the structure and operation method of the concrete pressure testing machine introduced by our technicians. At the same time, pxi-3920/3910 provides a set of GPIB controller for finishing graphene onto fabric, four sets of USB 2.0 ports and two sets of C speed regulating ports with a ratio of 1:100000om, which can connect and control instruments with different interfaces, so that engineers can add new components to the existing system without redesigning the test system

in terms of structural design, pxi-3920/3910 provides the best reliability and durability. The pxi-3920/3910 adopts a wireless design. Since wire is avoided, the stacking of boards and cards is composed of board to board connectors, providing excellent durability. At the same time, the processor and memory are directly surface bonded (SMT) on the PCB, which can operate normally in the vibration environment of up to 6 GRMS (note). In addition, considering the heat dissipation of the computer, the pxi-3900 series controller uses a large area of aluminum copper composite heat sink to evenly dissipate heat, so that the system can maintain a constant operating temperature

Linghua pxi-3920/3910 controller can be purchased with PXI chassis. For more product information, please browse Linghua station:

[note] test with 2.5 "SATA solid state disk

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