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Linghua technology won the 2014 Control Engineering China Machine Vision recommendation award and the best product design award of OFweek industrial automation by virtue of the industrial smart camera neon

on November 6, 2014, the industry's first new generation of X86 based industrial smart camera neon-1040 released by Linghua technology, an expert in integrated machine vision and motion control of Beijing News. Linghua Technology launched the first x86 architecture industrial grade intelligent camera, which can stand out in the evaluation of many manufacturers in the same industry, which fully demonstrates the unanimous recognition of Linghua technology by the industry media and users. 1 Adopt microcomputer display trust

the new generation of industrial smart camera neon-1040 based on x86 architecture released by Linghua technology in July is the industry's first global shutter image acquisition sensor equipped with Intel atomtm e3845 1.9 GHz quad core processor and 4million pixels 60fps 1 inch. Through the image optimization preprocessing of the built-in FPGA processor and excellent GPU performance, it can realize high-end, high-speed and complex image computing; With rich software support, it can easily transplant software programs developed on other platforms, save development costs, and show the advantages of embedded image systems and traditional intelligent cameras. Neon-1 adopts closed-loop automatic control 040, which is suitable for high-speed machine vision applications such as 3D guided vision robot, food packaging inspection, drug packaging inspection, etc

Linghua technology neon-1040 supports Microsoft Embedded standard 764 bits, with built-in 2 GB memory and up to 32 GB storage capacity, which can really give full play to the performance of high-end image systems. At the same time, neon-1040 of Linghua technology is small and easy to install. It has passed strict product testing, and has the specification of IP 67 waterproof and dustproof grade and M12 interface. It can be used in harsh factory environments, such as dust generated during tool locomotive cutting or water stains in beverage packaging and processing industry. These are limitations that can not be overcome by embedded image systems in the past

Linghua technology's new generation x86 smart camera breaks the framework of traditional smart camera and embedded machine vision system, and has cross-border advantages in terms of performance, scalability, stability, development cost and total cost of ownership, providing a new choice for today's high-speed and high-end machine vision and image analysis system applications. It also provides users and integrators with flexible development capabilities with a new scheme with more cost advantages and accelerating market entry. For customers to seize the market opportunity and win success

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Linghua technology, with its innovative embedded computing solutions, provides services for measurement and testing, industrial automation, network communications, military industry, transportation The medical and infotainment industries provide an application ready intelligent platform. Linghua technology is a senior member of Intel Internet of things Solutions Alliance, a member of PICMG Association and pc/104 Association who can participate in the formulation of specifications, a board member and the highest level member of PXI systems Alliance Association (pxisa), a strategic member of axie alliance, a member of VMEbus International Trade Association (Vita), and a member of Embedded Technology Standardization Organization (sget). Linghua technology 4. Textile tensile testing machine: the textile industry needs to test the peeling, puncture and tearing of fabric. Its headquarters is located in Taiwan, and it has manufacturing centers in Taiwan and Chinese Mainland. Its R & D and integration business groups are distributed in Taiwan, China, the United States and Germany, and its sales and service bases are all over the world. Linghua technology has passed ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-13485 and TL9000 certification, providing reliable products, fast service and real-time support to customers all over the world. Address:

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