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Linghua Technology launched industrial cloud terminal products, high brightness smart screen

Linghua Technology launched the industry's first cloud terminal system rapid design solution, high brightness smart screen (smart panel), which is almost equivalent to the core module of an all in one computer, and can more efficiently develop various application systems equipped with displays, such as factory automation devices, transportation systems, multimedia machines The advertising system will affect the plasticizing performance and processing activity of PVC, touch query platform and medical care system, and other wide applications. When using cloud computing, whether in the IOT service of public cloud or private cloud, it provides users with embedded human-machine interface, and enables users to obtain the required information and services anywhere

rapid integration shortens the time to market

Linghua technology high brightness smart screen is the first product in the market to integrate CPU and upper functions on the display module. Its features include high integration, ultra-thin design and flexible development. Its advantage is that it can make customers' products come into market faster, reduce the risk and cost of design and development, and reduce the synonymous complexity of material management in "2.2". Linghua technology high brightness smart screen includes a built-in motherboard, which reduces the size and thickness of the module as much as possible during the design, so that it has the advantage of high degree of freedom when designing the chassis

high brightness supports the readable mode in the sun

Linghua technology high brightness smart screen perfectly integrates the three key modules in the system design: high brightness LCD panel, touch screen and motherboard, so that the system integrator only needs to focus on the design of the system shell and i/o board, shortening the system development time by at least half, and reducing the design risk at the same time. Take the 8-inch panel as an example. Generally, the average brightness of LCD on the market is 250 to 300 CD/m2, while the high brightness smart screen of Linghua technology can reach 800 CD/m2, which solves the problem that pictures are generally invisible in the hot outdoor sun. The high-resolution color interface will help users operate and read data collection, image display, reports, text introductions, etc. Following the trend, Linghua technology not only attracts "overflow" and "chain supplement" industrial projects and benchmarking major projects to integrate touch control functions, but also meets the cleanliness requirements of system operators for fitting LCD and touch screen in the manufacturing process

it supports resistive and capacitive touch control, which is more convenient to choose.

Linghua technology high brightness smart screen provides two options: resistive and capacitive, allowing customers to have greater flexibility when developing different systems. The thin full-function module design of less than 2 cm also makes the system mechanism design more space to play, so that the industrial grade tablet computer can also be comparable to the iPad. Most tablet computers design LCD and CPU in the case, which makes the size become larger, and sometimes the case must be redesigned. In view of this, customers can easily assemble the relatively small high brightness smart screen in the system and shell, making it relatively easy for customers to build a complete customized system

based on X86 and arm architecture, the choice is more flexible

the current models include x86 and arm based CPU architectures. The screen size ranges from 5 to 21.5 inches, providing a variety of options to meet the various needs of customers when developing the system. At the same time, they are equipped with high resolution (1920 x 1080) and 4:3 and 16:9 screen display ratios. The built-in WiFi function option can help users quickly and accurately master the factory production progress, material management and problem elimination through remote monitoring. The man-machine interface is imported into automatic MES and ERP systems, which strengthens the function of data collection, and can be directly integrated into excel and other documents, which is convenient for users to use directly, and achieves the goal of the development of remote monitoring of equipment

customized services, seize the market opportunity

Linghua technology also provides customized services for cloud terminal products. Through collaborative design and development, it can provide customers with a fast and complete customized tablet computer system. Linghua technology can also zoom in and out the graphics. According to the application needs of customers, it provides standard enclosures so that customers can quickly assemble high brightness smart screens and i/o control modules

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