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Linghua technology sincerely invites you to participate in the mica - "on demand" industry application server new architecture seminar

August 22, 2016, Beijing News. Linghua technology, a global provider of Intelligent Cloud computing service platforms, customs, embedded computers and industrial application platforms, will hold a mica on-demand industrial application server new architecture technology seminar in Beijing on August 30, Nanjing on September 6 and Shenzhen on September 9 together with Intel and Fenghe. Mica and store relevant information) as a new ICT computing infrastructure, how to meet the needs of resource allocation on demand? How does Intel lay out in the communication and network security market and how to quickly build business applications on the platform of mica architecture? Will be presented one by one. Sign up now

mica: with its flexibility and openness, it will help the transformation of ICT infrastructure

with the development of mobile Internet, data center, big data processing and other technologies, cloud computing will become the mainstream service delivery mode in the future, and the traditional industrial ICT (information and communication technology) market will face great changes. The construction of traditional industrial ICT server usually follows the old thinking mode, which encapsulates the computing, storage and i/o resources in a physical entity according to the maximum demand specification. The specification and maximum capacity of its computing, storage and i/o are often fixed at the beginning of design. In the future, in order to meet the needs of new applications, that is, we can design different fixtures according to different samples and experimental methods, so that it is a small change, It is also often necessary to redesign the server

the core idea of mica computing architecture led by Linghua technology is to introduce the latest technologies of interconnected data centers, especially nfv and SDN, into industrial computing, and adopt modularization, hardware acceleration and carrier grade industrial design. While providing high-performance cloud computing processing capacity, it innovatively solves the problems of flexible expansion, directional acceleration and reliability required by industrial ICT computing platforms. Mica (modular Chemical Industry Cloud Computing Architecture) has successfully realized the allocation of resources on demand. Its computing, storage and i/o can randomly combine resource pools to meet different computing needs according to different application needs. At the beginning of design, products based on mica will divide computing, storage and i/o into different modules, and then combine these independent modules into physical entities according to the needs of specific applications

mica's application field: focus on video processing and network security

mica's original intention put the construction of the next generation of video, network security applications and other requirements in the first place, because it adopts carrier level design, and puts the cloud computing requirements such as nfv and SDN at the core, so it is also particularly suitable for the construction of the next generation of various telecom elements based on virtual cloud computing

● next generation video processing equipment: mcs-2080 and its subsequent products put the processing capacity of video in the first place, especially by setting a movable gripper seat on the rack, which is suitable for building next-generation video on demand services, intelligent video analysis, HD video conferencing, rich media social networks and other video applications

● next generation network security equipment: products including csa-7200 and csa-7400 focus on network data processing and IO density, and are particularly suitable for building network security applications such as next-generation protection wall, DDoS attack defense, web application firewall, multi service security gate, apt defense, byod protection, etc

● Next Generation Telecom elements: in addition to video and network security devices, mica computing platform can also be used for Telecom big data processing, virtualization deployment of various telecom elements, wireless access edge computing servers, etc

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