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Linghua technology released an integrated AI smart camera, which effectively simplifies the deployment of AI machine vision applications

Beijing on July 28, 2020, Linghua technology released a new AI smart camera neon-2000-jt2 series, making it easier to deploy AI based factory automation machine vision. The smart camera supports NVIDIA Jetson tube type samples. The outer diameter of TX2 AI module should be measured once in two mutually perpendicular directions at its 1 end. The integrated design, small size and pre installed visual software package can effectively reduce the complexity of AI machine vision application development and integration

neon-2000-jt2 series of Linghua Technology Industrial AI smart cameras

neon-2000-jt2 help to improve the production efficiency of labor-intensive manufacturing industries, such as food and beverage, packaged consumer goods, farming and agriculture, etc. in these industries, quality assurance and testing are crucial to the success of production. A customer uses Linghua technology AI machine vision solution to detect products, which can detect more than 50 times the number of products, and achieve 95% inspection accuracy, which is 3 times that of the previous. Linghua technology hopes customers to see more results on neon-2000-jt2 series products

with the help of the new integrated AI smart camera series, we have completed the development and integration of some AI machine vision applications, so customers can focus on improving their production efficiency. According to the global regional market, xukaixiang, senior product manager of Linghua technology intelligence factory business division and product center, said, Our current POC customers are very happy with this mode of pre installation integration with other camera manufacturers (such as baxz corrugated constant; Asler) and GPU module integration, which helps customers save a lot of development time

neon-2000-jt2 is designed with ease of use in mind. Intelligent camera with AI function includes the integration of sensor and GPU module, digital i/o design based on FPGA, pre installed deep learning software package, and ready-made sample code, which can quickly develop visual applications. Its safety has passed CE (European Commission) and FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification, and has passed the verification test of impact, vibration and temperature stability, so that users do not need to worry about its reliability

neon-2000-jt2 series has been specially optimized for various AI machine vision applications, including product classification and defect detection. At present, Linghua technology can meet the needs of POC (proof of concept). The return valve of the oil supply valve is loaded to a certain load

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