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Linghua technology released strong and solid military wide temperature computer system

ampro by ADLINK milsystem 840 and milsystem 735, equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo and Atom processors, to meet the needs of different performance levels

2010 affected by production technology, market capacity and other factors September 7, 2010 [Beijing News] Linghua technology, a professional manufacturer of industrial computers, is committed to developing strong and solid computer system products that can adapt to the harsh military environment. The newly released military wide temperature computer products, milsystem 840 and milsystem 735, are equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo and atom N270 processors respectively, meeting the needs of military computers with different levels of performance. Ampro by ADLINK milsystem series products are a complete plug and play system, equipped with mil-std-d38999 series professional aviation plugs, which are strong and have a long product life cycle, and can be replaced according to customer requirements. These two systems have high reliability and stability, and are designed for applications that shoulder important tasks, such as military, aerospace, transportation and other fields

since their design, Linghua technology's milsystem 735 and milsystem 840 have aimed to withstand severe environmental tests and zero failure rate. It uses a strong chassis shell, which dissipates heat through conduction, and there is no need to install additional fans or cooling holes for heat conduction. Brian Healy, product manager of Linghua technology, said: the milsystem series products are dust-proof and water-proof, comply with mil-std-810 military specifications, and can withstand strong impact, vibration and high humidity; In addition, it can withstand the working temperature range of minus 40 ℃ to 75 ℃. Due to the use of ampro by ADLINK military wide temperature motherboard, the components on the motherboard have been reinforced, so there are no devices and components that will produce displacement in the system, and it can still operate normally without interruption in a highly vibrating application environment, which can save customers a lot of maintenance time and cost

Linghua technology's milsystem series system has a combination of high-end performance and low power consumption to meet the different needs of customers. The motherboard of the milsystem 840 is equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo l7500 processor, with a processing speed of 1.6 GHz and two DDR2 Memory SO-DIMM sockets, with a maximum capacity of 4GB. In terms of image performance, the motherboard in the milsystem 840 supports Intel Graphics Media Accelerator GMA x3100, plus 64 bit shared video memory with a capacity of up to 384mb. It can support CRT screen, flat panel, wide screen digital TV display, with a resolution of up to 2048x1536 pixels (it can support 1920x1080 @ 85Hz resolution of emerging specifications of new HDTV products); The milsystem 735 is equipped with a littleboard 735 motherboard, an Intel Atom N270 processor, a DDR2 Memory socket with a maximum capacity of 2GB, and an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator GMA 950, which can support a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. See the following table for the main specifications and features of the two systems:

Linghua technology milsystem 735 and milsystem 840 can be pre installed with Ubuntu Linux or Windows XP Professional when leaving the factory. Both systems support a variety of embedded and desktop computer operating systems, such as Windows CE, QNX and VxWorks

for more details of strong and solid military wide temperature products, please visit Linghua science and technology station:

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