Basic standard inspection of the hottest food pack

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The State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently organized an inspection of the content of commercial advertisements involved in some food packaging instructions. Inspection results 2. After the successful installation of TestStar, it showed that the content of commercial advertisements in food packaging and instructions basically complied with the regulations, which made environmental protection subject to great threats, and the illegal rate was lower than that of advertisements published by mass media

95 packages, instructions and brochures sent with the products were inspected, involving 52 kinds of food, including 49 kinds of health food and 3 kinds of ordinary food. 91 commercial advertisements were involved, of which 14 were inconsistent with advertising laws and regulations, accounting for 15.4%. The inspection found some common problems in violation of advertising laws and regulations, such as "first choice of supplements", "gold medal of world famous and high-quality medical and health products, gold medal of China Medical and health products Expo, first prize of international ethnic medicine products", etc; Some words are not accurate, clear and clear, such as "if there is a skin problem, please use XXX", "remove the pathogenic garbage in the body", etc. For the illegal or suspected illegal content found in this inspection, the advertising regulatory authority has ordered the enterprise to make corrections

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