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Linghua Technology launched SATA 6gb/s industrial grade solid state disk

on August 1, 2011, Beijing News Linghua Technology launched the industry-leading industrial grade ASD solid state disk products, which integrate the characteristics of high reliability, low power consumption, strength and industrial wide temperature, and the interface speed reaches the world's highest SATA 6 gb/s (SATA III). There are three sizes: 2.5 inches, 1.8 inches, and half Slim small size conforming to JEDEC mo-297 specification. The product requires less than 1 millisecond of reading time and about 2 watts of extremely low power consumption. Because the solid-state disk uses flash as the storage medium, which avoids the physical limit of the traditional hard disk, the vibration resistance is better and the reliability is better than the traditional hard disk. Linghua technology ASD solid state disk products are very suitable for applications in industrial environments with strict requirements on shock resistance, fall resistance or tilt, and can withstand a wide range of operating temperatures from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius, vibration of 3.08grms/hz, and impact with a duration of 5ms and 1500 g. At the same time, this series of SSDs can fully support trim optimization instructions and RAID disk array functions, which can more effectively improve the overall performance

fully support RAID configuration and break the bottleneck of system performance

in terms of the overall performance of the system, the main core components of the system such as processor and memory have grown at a steady rate every year for more than ten years, but the growth rate of hard disk oil circuit system with serious oil leakage or oil pipe rupture is relatively slow. Therefore, storage components often become the bottleneck of the overall system. In contrast, solid-state drives are stored in flash media, and there are no mechanical components prone to failure. In addition to high reliability and stability, another feature is that their reading and writing speed performance is significantly better than traditional hard disks: Linghua technology ASD solid-state drive products have a continuous reading and writing speed at least three times faster than the current traditional hard disks, which can shorten the startup and data access time; If a RAID disk array is composed of two or more solid-state disks, the data transmission channel bandwidth provided by the chipset can be fully utilized to improve the overall performance of the system by directly accelerating the access speed; Or backup data in the array at the same time to improve data security and reliability. The measured results show that Linghua technology is equipped with Intel's second-generation core? The i7 processor has an industrial motherboard (m-342), and the RAID 0 array composed of two Linghua technology SLC solid state drives can achieve a continuous reading rate of 900mb/S; The continuous write rate is 600mb/s. It provides the greatest performance advantage for industrial and enterprise level server platforms, data centers, storage arrays and other applications that pay attention to both performance and reliability

Linghua Technology Industrial ASD solid state disk products can fully support the disk array functions of Dr. yingkaishi, chairman of the board composed of multiple disks: "innovation makes us continuously improve", and improve system performance and data security for different applications and data security requirements: including national defense, transportation, medical, aerospace, industrial control and other related application environments requiring strong and wide temperature

support trim optimization instructions to ensure constant high speed and provide the best cost performance.

with the increase of use time, times and data, some solid-state drives will have the problem of gradual decline in performance. In addition to the characteristics of high-speed transmission speed, Linghua technology ASD SSD products also support trim optimization instructions, execute garbage collection mechanism, effectively manage flash, and give full play to the expected performance, which can avoid performance degradation caused by too long use time, as well as the problem of slow write speed caused by too many invalid pages (Note 1) accumulated in the SSD. In other words, this product can maintain the constant writing speed of the system. For server applications that may not shut down for a long time, Linghua technology ASD solid state disk products can not only maintain high-speed performance and stability, but also help reduce the maintenance cost of the overall system C919 aircraft adopting a single channel narrow body layout

looking at the SSD market, Linghua technology ASD SSD products with high cost performance are one of the few solid-state drives that can support industrial wide temperature at present. With the proposal of reasonable price 3. Anyang industrial chain extension and intensive processing, it provides SATA 6 gb/s high-speed transmission rate, while integrating industrial quality, fully supporting various configurations and maintaining constant high speed, It is an excellent choice for customers who need industrial grade high-speed and wide temperature solid-state drives. For more ASD product data of Linghua technology, please browse Linghua technology station: http:

[Note 1] page is the minimum unit when writing data to SSD

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