How to use the ring blank holder tester to test th

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How to use the ring blank holder tester to test the bonding strength

how to use the ring blank holder tester to test the bonding strength? Purchasers who first know the ring blank holder tester may not know that it also has the function of bonding test. As long as the attachment is matched with the adhesive strength test, the adhesion test can be done. Kunshan Haida instrument will tell you in detail:

I. test instrument

1 Ring blank holder tester hd-513 series products shall meet the technical requirements of ring blank holder tester specified in gb/t6546

2. The device for cutting the sample shall meet the cutting knife and requirements specified in gb6546

3. Attachment adhesion strength test attachment (hd-516) is composed of upper and lower attachments. It is a device that applies uniform pressure to each adhesive part of the sample. The accessories are composed of needle pieces and support pieces inserted equidistant into the center of the corrugated board space, as shown in Figure 1 (omitted). The parallelism deviation of needle type accessories and supports shall be less than 1%

II. Sample collection, treatment and preparation

1 The sample shall be taken according to Gb450

2. The sample shall be treated according to gb10739 by ε- CL

3. Preparation of samples: cut 10 25mm 80mm samples from the samples, and the corrugated direction should be consistent with the direction of the short side. The sample size error is 1mm

4. Test procedure the test shall be carried out under the atmospheric conditions specified in Chapter 5

5. First install the tested sample into the accessories, as shown in Figure 2 (omitted), and then place it in the center of the lower pressing plate of the compression instrument

6. Start the compressor and apply pressure on the accessories containing the sample at the speed of (12.5 2.5) mm/min until the ridge peak is separated from the facial paper 1 and electromechanical aspects (coreable paper). Record the maximum force displayed, accurate to 1n

7. Results the software of Jinan assaying tensile machine excelled in calculating the average value of all tests, and then calculate the bonding strength of corrugated board according to formula (1): p=f/l

where: P bonding strength, n/m

f the maximum force required for all samples to separate, N

size of the long side of the high-resolution l sample, M

8 test report the test report includes the following contents:

a. the number of this standard

b. date and place of test seal of test personnel test unit

c. type and description to be tested

d. atmospheric conditions of the test

e. name and model of the instrument used

f. report the test results, accurate to three significant figures

g. analysis of measurement error

h. other descriptions related to the test results

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