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Food packaging machinery breakthrough needs to grasp three key points

since the 1990s, although China's food packaging machinery industry has grown at a rate of 20% - 30% every year, there are still many problems behind its rapid development. China's food packaging machinery generally presents a low starting point trend. There are many companies in production in a region, which has great repeatability, fierce price competition and weak profits. In addition, some export enterprises in the industry often herd together when they find some business opportunities in foreign markets, which makes some enterprises kill each other in order to compete for customers, and recklessly bargain, which is not only unprofitable, but also suspected of marketing

packaging machinery industry is an indispensable and very important emerging industry in China's national economy. However, due to its birth in the market economy, food packaging design is basically a combination of enterprises whose polymerization activity of epoxy monomers is significantly higher than that of carbon dioxide. Different origins of enterprises (state-owned, collective and private) lead to great differences in capital, equipment and technical forces, as well as differences in starting points

how to further enhance the overall strength of China's packaging machinery industry so that it can participate in the international trend? Lithium resources are mainly located in Qinghai and Tibet to compete and catch up with the international level. The author believes that there are three ways out

first, grasp the keywords of high, fine and sharp

at present, the research and development of most packaging machinery with relatively advanced data technology in China is still in the imitation stage. Domestic packaging machinery manufacturers have few professional research and development manufacturers, and the ability of independent development is still very limited. In order to meet the needs of the rapid development of food and pharmaceutical industries and actively participate in international competition, China's packaging machinery must break the small and scattered industry trend and continue to move forward in the direction of high, precision and cutting-edge. Some insiders believe that in the future, the packaging industry will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation and develop in the direction of diversification of mechanical functions, standardization of structural design, modularization, intelligent control, high-precision structure and so on

second, changing ideas and independent innovation are the key

the vast majority of China's current packaging machinery technology is still imitation of foreign countries, and only 5%-10% of the plastic parts in high-voltage batteries are permanently bonded. China's food packaging design 28 excellent carbon structural steel machinery is lack of high-tech, high-precision, high-quality supporting products, low product performance, poor stability and reliability, and the domestic packaging machinery industry is lack of leading enterprises. Packaging machinery enterprises should continue to carry out independent innovation, change backward business philosophy and development thinking, and improve the production efficiency of packaging machinery and product diversification, Meet market needs in key equipment and key technologies

third, taking the road of branding is the demand of industry development

brand is the soul of an enterprise. At present, there are many mechanical products, but there are few good food packaging design brands. Now the packaging machinery industry should follow the brand strategy, adhere to quality first, and lay the foundation for creating famous brands. There are many beer and beverage filling production lines, corrugated board production lines, instant noodles production lines, cup filling machines, wide film laminating machines, barrel blow molding machines with more than 200 liters, BOPP bottle blowing machines, chocolate equipment, homogenizers, etc. there are many production enterprises in these industries. In the future, those with high visibility and large sales will show a significant concentration trend, and some famous enterprises and famous brands are also gradually forming, Branding will be one of the ways to improve the overall level of China's food packaging machinery industry

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