How to use xtoolscrm to practice McKinsey 7S

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How to use xtools CRM to practice McKinsey's 7S model theory

strategy: establish, maintain and strengthen the overall planning of organizational competitive advantage

structure: how the enterprise is organized and how the personnel are divided and managed

system: daily activities and processes, as well as the way employees participate in work

common values: the noble goal of the model is the core values implemented in the organizational culture and daily work for all experimental machine manufacturers

style: management style of managers

personnel: employees in the organization and their comprehensive abilities

skills: the strength and flexibility of composite materials such as tissue workers are equivalent to those of conventional food packaging films, and the practical skills and abilities required in the process of making

in the 1970s and 1980s, Americans suffered from economic depression and unemployment. At the same time, they heard enough about the art of successful operation of Japanese enterprises, and were also trying to find a magic weapon suitable for the development and revitalization of domestic enterprises. Thomas j.peters and Robert h.waterman, two scholars with master of management from Stanford University who have long served the famous McKinsey management consulting company in the United States, visited 62 of the oldest and best companies in the United States, and selected 43 outstanding model companies based on profitability and growth rate, including IBM, Texas Instruments, HP McDonald's, Kodak, DuPont and other industries. They conducted an in-depth investigation of these enterprises and discussed with business school professors. Taking the seven elements of enterprise organization (referred to as 7S model) designed by McKinsey consulting research center as the research framework, they summarized some common characteristics of these successful enterprises, and wrote the book "pursuing excellence -- the secret of American enterprise success", which made many American enterprises regain their lost confidence

McKinsey 7-S model points out that enterprises must comprehensively consider all aspects of the development process, including structure, systems, style, staff, skills, strategy, shared values. In the model, strategy, structure and system are considered as the hardware of enterprise success, while style, personnel, skills and common values are considered as the software of enterprise successful operation. McKinsey's 7S model reminds managers around the world that software and hardware are equally important. Two scholars pointed out that the human nature that companies have long ignored, such as irrational, stubborn, intuitive, like informal organizations, can actually be managed, which is closely related to the success or failure of companies and must not be ignored

at present, McKinsey's 7S model is still the theoretical basis for many companies to build and develop, that is, it is tall and grounded, but enterprises are used to shelving it while promoting it for management's reference only. However, if the executive power is not enough, 7S theory will only become empty talk. How to make the theory come true, enterprises can use xtools CRM to realize the effective operation of software and hardware

xtools CRM six Almighty, realize the full business management of small and medium-sized enterprises

the goal of enterprises is to make money! However, compared with the perfect human resources, rules and regulations, production or business processes that large enterprises already have, and even the brands that stabilize market position and share, small and medium-sized enterprises spend most of their struggle time on internal management. Due to the lack of a perfect mechanism, the team's external business will only be tied up

The design of xtools CRM software starts with the enterprise structure and system, and establishes the basic organizational framework within the enterprise, including our common customer management, financial management, field management, inventory management, salary management, customer service management, and borrowing xtools software, which can become mature operations for small and medium-sized enterprises. It should be noted that enterprises use CRM software to establish a management framework. The function of xtools CRM software is to help enterprises establish, maintain and strengthen the overall planning of organizational competitive advantage. Xtools takes customer relationship management as the core, and the work of each department is always carried out around customers. Therefore, it is still customers that drive the development of the enterprise. The establishment of corporate culture requires sufficient soil. Small and medium-sized enterprises are difficult to meet the requirements of cultural inheritance in terms of scale, brand, industry status, and software and hardware level. In the early stage, rather than spend time inculcating this concept to the team through the training of corporate culture, it is better to hit the target - making money, deploying customer drive in various departments through software, and using the flow and reuse of information to drive the overall service ability of the enterprise is more reliable

xtools CRM realizes transparent management and solves business problems at the first time.

it is not difficult for bosses to establish management systems and allocate personnel. Most employees have no problems with their personal skills and comprehensive abilities, but a business will always encounter various problems when implemented. What is the root cause? There is no problem with the system itself, but the unexpected factors encountered in the actual operation are unpredictable, and the problems cannot be presented at the first time, so they cannot be solved quickly in the effective time

when the boss, as the head, publishes the information to the employees under him for implementation, there is no channel to supervise the progress of the work as a testing instrument. It is impossible for the department head to stare at the employees all the time. Many front-line employees encounter problems in the process of business promotion, and do not choose to feed back at the first time. When they are unable to return to the sky, they will not advocate (6) low carbon materials - making household appliances more practical. They will consult with their superiors for countermeasures. Many enterprises hope to summarize the failure experience through the meeting, but there is not much time for front-line employees to feed back the problems encountered in the process of documentary except for the feedback of poor communication between departments and prevarication. With xtools CRM software, the boss, as the highest level manager, can see the whole process of business execution of employees in all departments, especially the front-line merchandisers. The customer view shows the whole process of merchandising with a timeline, which is more in line with the logic of thinking. Once the business follow-up stagnates, the manager can go back accordingly, help the merchandisers find out the problem and solve the problem in time

McKinsey's 7S theory is not out of reach, the key lies in implementation. Xtools CRM software can not only realize the orderly progress of the overall business of the enterprise, but also clarify the business processes of personnel in various departments of the enterprise. Compared with sticking to supplementing various rules and regulations, enterprises might as well concentrate the energy of all departments on billing. For various problems encountered in the implementation process, the transparent management process of xtools CRM allows the problems to be paid attention to at the first time, find solutions in time, and correct business promotion. Xtools CRM, as an effective tool to practice McKinsey's 7S model theory, will bring real profits to enterprises

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