How to use the transplanter safely

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How to use the transplanter safely in recent years, with the wide application of the transplanter, mechanical failures and personal injury accidents of the vertical universal friction and wear experimental machine with the function of friction and wear with metal materials have occurred from time to time due to many human reasons such as improper operation of the machine hand. Taking 2zt-935 rice transplanter as an example, this paper talks about the following precautions on how to use the rice transplanter safely

I. before the rice transplanting period, the operator of the rice transplanter should undergo comprehensive technical training, fully understand the structure, performance and working principle of the rice transplanter, and master the operation essentials and precautions

2. When starting the engine, put the main clutch handle and planting clutch handle in the separation position; When shaking the starting handle, push it inward to prevent bumping

III. The machine must be shut down and shut down when adjusting the seedling picking amount, and the main clutch must be cut off when making other adjustments and cleaning the seedling door or release needle

IV. keep the boat board clean during rice transplanting to prevent the seedling tray or other sundries from winding the transmission shaft or universal joint; The manipulator shall not use his feet to clean the weeds and soil between the walking ground wheel and the walking transmission box

v. regularly check and tighten the bolts on the back of the seedling box to prevent the upper slide from being damaged due to the nut falling off

reach 3.125 times. 6. When loading or sorting seedlings, the operator's hand should be away from the seedling door to prevent being stabbed by the separating needle

VII. When crossing the ridge, pay attention to that the seedling door is not collided. When crossing the canal, put up a wooden board. Pass it slowly. Unlike the conventional electronic universal experimental machine, its control mode can be load control

VIII. When the car is trapped in the transplanting operation, do not lift the elbow and sprocket box and other transmission parts at both ends of the transmission assembly. Lift the ship board or add a wooden bar between the blades of the walking wheel to make the transplanter climb out by itself


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