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How to use the spray head of inkjet machine well

I have been engaged in the outdoor industry for many years, from air jet to piezoelectric jet, from distant price to parity identity, from huge profits to today's small profits. Through these years 2 How many people can understand the bitter mood of customers after talking about how many things the constant speed electromechanical add frequency converter

in today's era of meager profits, how to save every penny of your money and how to make your equipment bring you greater profits is something everyone is considering, but how about the effect. Obviously, extending the service life of the nozzle is one of the means to reduce costs. I have visited many customers and summed up a little experience from their various usage situations. I hope I can help my peers

I. environment:

why do you put environmental requirements in the first place? Customers who use the nozzle for more than half a year and keep one line, their environment is clean, the fuselage is not sticky with a little dust, and they have a reasonable management system. I once met such a customer. Let's not talk about the environment first - it's impossible to get in at all. The machine is full of dust, and the customer and the staff also said in unison that it doesn't matter. A little dirty and messy won't affect the service life of the machine and nozzle. This is probably a part of typical Chinese people. Fortunately, such customers are very few. They may not realize that dust can easily enter the main ink tank and then the auxiliary ink tank, and then enter the nozzle, which will affect the printing effect of the nozzle and shorten the service life of the nozzle. It is conceivable that no sprinkler like this machine has a service life of more than three months; At the same time, it lost many customers

a year ago, president Zhang, a client of Kaiping, said to me that the machine is my lifeblood and cannot be disconnected (stopped). If it is disconnected, it means that my financial path is also disconnected. Moreover, many customers have such a consensus that cherishing and treating equipment well is equal to treating yourself well. Therefore, their sprinklers have been used for more than one year, or even a few for about two years. Such an example is worth imitating and learning

II. Operation

some operators don't listen carefully during training and operate at will. It's quite reasonable to talk about him. Some bosses have no vacancy control, and some bosses want such trained people not to be dismissed, otherwise there will be no operators, which will bring a series of consequences. I visited a customer who wiped the nozzle with web paper. The nozzle part of Xaar nozzle cannot rub with any object, so it is easy to rub the nozzle surface. Moreover, there are many fine fiber hairs on the surface of toilet paper, which are easy to enter the nozzle, and the fine hairs are easy to hang on the surface of the nozzle. Cause plug and ink dripping, thus affecting the printing effect. Therefore, it is very important to study and listen carefully and operate the equipment in strict accordance with the requirements

III. auxiliary accessories

every accessory on the machine has its purpose, and do not remove it at will. The customers I mentioned earlier have no air filters on their main ink tank and auxiliary ink tank. Various particles in the air easily enter the ink. No one can guarantee that there is no dust in his indoor air. The air filter is used to filter the air. It cannot be discarded at will. If it is blocked or damaged, it should be replaced immediately

some brand machines have grounding wires and heat sinks on the nozzle. The grounding wire is used to protect the nozzle and prevent static electricity. There was a customer in Fangxian County, Hubei Province who bought a domestic machine nozzle without grounding wire, and burned out three nozzles in less than half a year. I didn't agree to buy the nozzle of our company, because the voltage of the nozzle used by each manufacturer was different, and the misuse of other nozzles would damage the nozzle and the equipment itself. In addition, the nozzle needs a constant temperature when it works (see Xaar's introduction to the nozzle for details). The heat generated by the nozzle when it works is mainly taken away by the ink jet, and then discharged by the heat sink. I often hear and see some customers burn out the nozzle, which is actually related to the voltage of the nozzle, whether there is grounding, whether there is a heat sink, etc

here, one thing is very important, the grounding wire of the equipment. The particles in the air have static electricity, the static electricity generated by the friction between the medium and the equipment, and some electric leakage of the equipment itself, etc., causing the fuselage to have electricity. If there is no grounding and static electricity cannot be eliminated, it is easy to damage the main accessories such as the nozzle and the main board

IV. ink

as we all know, the quality of ink directly affects the picture quality and nozzle. At present, domestic ink is mainly used in the market, but there is a gap in the price and quality of famous brand ink. Cheap price does not mean reducing costs. Sometimes it causes nozzle blockage, screen printing interruption, scrap, bad color return, etc., thus wasting more human and material resources, increasing costs, and causing unnecessary losses. This is the experience of many customers themselves. Therefore, it is best to use the ink recommended by the equipment manufacturer (agent), because these inks have been tested strictly and for a long time, which can guarantee the equipment and the nozzle

v. maintenance

originally, I put maintenance on operation one, especially when the equipment was initially put into operation, but I thought of its independence and importance The sorting of waste plastics is important, so I decided to put it at the last point. In fact, the maintenance of the nozzle is very critical. Now there are several inkjet machines with automatic cleaning systems. Compared with the overnight shutdown of the nozzle with ink, the service life of the nozzle is very different

the nozzle must be cleaned before the equipment is shut down and powered off, and the nozzle must be placed on the moisturizing sea pad with a large proportion in the market of blow molding industry, which is mainly plastic blow molding machine, so as to ensure that the nozzle condition is the same as that of the day before yesterday, and the image quality is the same

relatively, there is no cleaning system equipment (such as a 3.2-meter large-scale inkjet printer). When shutting down, be sure to apply cleaning fluid on the surface of the nozzle, and wrap it tightly with fresh-keeping film, which is close to the nozzle, so as to reduce the volatilization of cleaning fluid and ink. Extend the service life of the nozzle to a certain extent

if you don't use it for a long time (such as may day, national day, Spring Festival and other long holidays), you must remove the nozzle from the equipment, soak it in cleaning solution, and wrap the container with fresh-keeping film to prevent dust invasion and volatilization of cleaning solution

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