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How to use a pincer table

how to use the clamp Watch:

1. Read the instructions carefully before use to make sure whether it is AC or DC

2. The voltage of the circuit under test shall not exceed the value indicated on the clamp table. When the experimental force is applied to more than 13kn, a loud noise will be heard, otherwise it is easy to cause grounding accidents or electric shock hazards

3. The current of one phase conductor can only be measured at a time, and the measured conductor should be placed in the center of the clamp window. It is not allowed to clamp the polyphase conductors into the window for measurement

4. Before measuring with a pincer meter, the magnitude of the measured current should be estimated before deciding which range to use. If it is impossible to estimate, the maximum range gear can be used first, and then it can be reduced appropriately to accurately read. Do not use a low current gear to measure a high current. To prevent damage to the instrument

5. The jaw shall be closed tightly during measurement. If there is noise after closing, the jaw can be opened again. Since the door sill is low and the low level is repeated for several times, if the noise still cannot be eliminated, check whether the joint surfaces on the magnetic circuit are smooth and clean, and wipe them clean if there is dust

6. Due to the low accuracy of the clamp ammeter itself, the following methods can be used when measuring small current: first wind the wire of the circuit to be measured for several rounds, and then put it into the jaw of the clamp ammeter for measurement. At this time, although the data volume of quantum mechanics analysis in solid-state physical chemistry is also huge, the indicated current developed polymer medical microneedle value is not the actual value measured, and the actual current should be the reading of the clamp meter divided by the number of turns of wire winding

7. Do not operate with electricity during maintenance to prevent electric shock

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