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How do small and medium-sized enterprises win orders in the era of e-commerce

in the period of slow development of the global economy, customer orders are the most scarce resources. Orders are always the chips for the survival and development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Winning more orders in the current period is the first thing for most small and medium-sized enterprises to maintain their survival. It is a great test for B2B e-commerce merchants to succeed before thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises compete for extremely limited orders

there is no doubt that B2B e-commerce mode, as a network marketing means for small and medium-sized enterprises, is a great improvement for small and medium-sized enterprises from business to management. In the past few years, B2B e-commerce has made obvious achievements, realizing the dream of high business growth for many enterprise merchants. Today, B2B e-commerce partially encounters a "bottleneck" of growth, which is by no means the problem of the business model of B2B e-commerce universal experimental machine that some people call the soaring growth mode. In the next few years, B2B e-commerce will continue to grow at a high speed. The city reported that the continuous service demand of small and medium-sized enterprises in the market segment will provide impetus for the further expansion of e-commerce

therefore, in the past, many small and medium-sized enterprises faced almost only oneortwo B2B e-commerce giants. The giant has taken advantage of the rapid growth of its customers by relying on its early established brands. However, with the excessive concentration of small and medium-sized enterprises on oneortwo platforms, there may be broader customer relationships, but it is difficult to offset the burden of too much competition. Especially at present, orders have obviously become scarce

for example, Alibaba has given everyone an equal opportunity among hundreds of thousands of paying users. However, the old merchants who registered early will have an advantage in the competition on the platform. Alibaba will also adopt preferential policies to protect loyal customers, but after all, Alibaba's key requirements are limited in terms of parameters such as maximum force, tensile strength, peel strength, flexural strength, compressive strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation at break, yield strength, and advertising space. When Alibaba, Huicong and other B2B integrated stations have been using the service mode for many years without bringing forth the new, it is far more difficult for new merchants to stand out than a few years ago

in the face of this situation, we need to realize that B2B e-commerce has unlimited future, and small and medium-sized enterprises also have a lot of opportunities to open shops in B2B e-commerce for promotion. The key is to change the way of thinking, find a reasonable structure and opportunities in the new B2B e-commerce, and the marketing promotion may be better than sticking to the "big brand"

experts suggest that in the current environment, small and medium-sized enterprises should adopt B2B e-commerce, avoid single platform and single marketing, and establish B2B diversified and three-dimensional networks. In the new B2B e-commerce platform, we should avoid the delay of queuing and promotion, and take the first step, so as to broaden our order source

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