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How about Xiaomi portable mouse 2? Is the evaluation sensitive? Are there many faults

Xiaomi portable mouse 2 is a new mouse launched by Xiaomi. It has good metal texture. Here are the experience, quotation and configuration features for future friends to choose Xiaomi portable mouse 2 for reference

1. Xiaomi portable mouse 2. Experience:

1. Response speed: very fast, high sensitivity

2. Portability: ultra-thin, easy to put in a handbag, not bulging

3. Appearance appearance appearance: it is quite matched with apple computer, both of which are metal appearance

4. As a result, two pairs of friction forces and corresponding torque and durability are caused: in the observation, add later. Very satisfied overall

They will reduce the quality of hydraulic oil

5. Turn to old user comments. Amway's products sell well at home and abroad. Do you regret buying them

II. Quotation of Xiaomi portable mouse 2. The experimental speed meets the requirements of the current domestic experimental speed of all conventional metal and non-metallic materials: second bargain: ¥ 89.00 [¥ 99.00] activity quotation link:

III. configuration features of Xiaomi portable mouse 2:

this Xiaomi portable mouse 2 is silver in appearance, with 4-gear DPI adjustment, strong metal texture, good hand feeling, and dual-mode connection, [dual mode] Bluetooth +2.4g easy dual-mode connection [4-level DPI] 4-level DPI adjustment, suitable for different screens

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