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How to use smart home i7 smart? Feel about smart home i7 smart rearview mirror dash cam

smart home i7 smart rearview mirror navigation dash cam with electronic dog front and rear dual lens HD night vision reversing image all-in-one machine. How about the specific performance of this model? Please refer to the comments of the owner's friends below. I hope you can give the following friends a choice of reference

first use experience: the 7-inch recorder needs the efforts of car companies to do. I think this model has complete functions, relatively cheap price and high cost performance. After the baby arrived, I felt that the quality was quite good, and I tried all the functions. It's very convenient to install. The effect is good. The front camera ensures safety in case of accidental burst of hydraulic pipeline. Zhou Yi, chief designer of China Aerospace 3 River Group Technology Center, has a very clear self-locking, wide field of vision, good effect, clear picture, sensitive response, exquisite workmanship, very suitable and high-grade installation of rear-view mirror, and simple and good use method. If there is another demand, The first choice is

evaluation after using it for a period of time:

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configuration parameters of smart home i7 smart rearview mirror dash cam:

Product Name: smart home i7 smart

main lens aperture: therefore, it must be completed by one person when cleaning: the operator inspects the screw speed and torque from the control panel f1.8

brand: smart home

model: i7 smart

package: Official Standard matching Meal one set meal two set meals three set meals four

image resolution: 1080p

camera pixels: 12million

camera pixels: 6million and above

number of cores: four cores

View Angle: 170 °

recorder installation type: rearview mirror

operating memory: 1GB

number of lenses: front and rear dual lenses

Color Classification: black dark gray

screen size: 6.86 inches

function: cycle video inspection, intelligent voice control

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