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How to treat the development of nuclear power in China

nuclear power is a clean, safe and reliable energy. Nuclear power is a power generation method using nuclear power, which has the characteristics of strong supply capacity and large-scale application. Worldwide, nuclear power has become the world's three major power supply pillars, together with thermal power and hydropower, due to its advantages of less resource consumption, less environmental impact and strong supply capacity

at present, fossil energy accounts for more than 90% of China's energy structure. However, the environmental problems caused by coal and oil must be paid attention to. With the gradual improvement of the substitution capacity of clean energy, non fossil energy should become one of the highlights of China's energy development

non fossil energy includes renewable energy and nuclear energy. Solar energy, wind energy and biomass energy in renewable energy can be regarded as solar energy in a broad sense. The solar energy comes from nuclear energy, which is a form of energy released by nuclear fusion inside the sun. It can be said that without nuclear energy, there would be no human beings, and human beings naturally have an indissoluble bond with nuclear energy

developing nuclear power is a long-term strategy

the strategic competitiveness of nuclear power stems from its irreplaceable advantages. Actively developing nuclear power is a major long-term strategic choice for China's energy. Duxiangwan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, mentioned in his article "Some Thoughts on China's nuclear energy development strategy" that mankind cannot abandon nuclear power, and the basic pattern of the world's nuclear energy development is stable. There are three deep-seated reasons for this strategic stability:

first, the discovery and understanding of nuclear energy is one of the greatest scientific achievements of mankind in the 20th century. Since mankind has realized the great potential and value of nuclear energy, it is impossible to lock it in a drawer. It is bound to strive to make it a taming tool for mankind. It is the real danger not to control nuclear energy

second, practice has proved that nuclear fission energy can be controlled and controlled. By the end of 2010, there were 441 nuclear fission reactors in operation in the world, with a total installed capacity of 375million kW, accounting for 15% of the global power generation. 30 countries with nuclear power have accumulated 14000 reactor years of operation experience. Practice has proved that fission nuclear power plants can be safe

third, the three accidents provided rich experience, lessons and Enlightenment complementary to each other from different perspectives of internal and external risks, and deepened people's understanding of nuclear safety. This shows that nuclear accidents are analyzable and recognizable, and each nuclear accident has brought about the improvement of nuclear safety technology and nuclear safety management. Taming nuclear energy must be a process of continuous summarization, improvement and improvement in practice. Taming nuclear power and ensuring safety is the historical mission and responsibility of mankind

the development of nuclear power will benefit the future.

it is not against one's will to say that the development of nuclear power will benefit the future as well as the present. This is because nuclear power has the following advantages over other energy sources:

1) cleanliness. In recent years, the haze has intensified, and most of the air pollution comes from coal combustion - China has high coal reserves, accounting for 64% of the total energy consumption. However, half of them are sub bituminous coal and lignite with poor quality. When burning, a large number of particles are produced, which is the primary cause of air pollution. When environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, looking back at China's energy structure, coal and oil account for 80%

it is the best choice to increase the proportion of clean energy such as natural gas, nuclear power, hydropower, photovoltaic and wind power. However, wind power and photovoltaic have many limiting factors, such as intermittent wind and light, immature energy storage technology and high cost, which are not as good as nuclear power

2) safety. Speaking of this, brainwashed by "circle of friends science" (1) the host adopts imported servo electromechanical and servo driver as the power source. Gua people are afraid that they will start to worry about safety problems, and BASF, who is afraid of the recurrence of the nuclear accidents in Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, Japan, has made tragic contributions to the Landsea project in Shanghai, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shaoxing, Chengdu, Wuhan and other places. Reviewing several serious nuclear accidents in history, we will find that the root cause lies more in human errors or design defects of nuclear power plants

in fact, any technology has a development process. From production to maturity, no technology is absolutely perfect and safe. This is the general development law of technology. Moreover, only when the technology is applied in practice can it obtain the opportunity of continuous development, and nuclear power technology is no exception

it is not a wise choice to refuse to develop nuclear power technology for fear of unknown nuclear "disaster"

it should be noted that the safety issues considered in the design and construction of nuclear power plants are far more than those in other fields, and the "worst case" considered by the designers is far beyond the imagination of the public. Even in the "worst case", such as core melting, radioactive nuclear fuel can be sealed in the containment. It should be noted that Fukushima nuclear power plant is a second-generation nuclear power plant, which is a boiling water reactor with weak safety. Its designed safe operation life has passed, and there have been some signs of aging and corrosion

in addition, the accident rate of nuclear power plants is much lower than that of other existing technologies. It is unfair to say that nuclear power plants are unsafe. These serious nuclear accidents still sound the alarm for us from time to time, but this does not make us turn pale when talking about "nuclear" and stop using nuclear energy, but make more rational, more effective and safer use of this huge potential energy. Only by respecting the development law of technology and learning from history can we achieve considerable development

3) driving. Nuclear power is a technology intensive industry. The development of nuclear power, like real estate, can drive the development of materials, machinery, chemical industry and other industries. The development of nuclear energy is also the requirement of national nuclear security. Don't you see that what the neighboring "General Kim" is thinking about is a small nuclear bomb

four trends of nuclear power development

developing nuclear power safely and efficiently is the primary consideration for the development of nuclear power in China. China will promote the healthy development of the domestic nuclear power industry from many dimensions, such as promoting the development of new reactor technology, strengthening the research and development of key nuclear power components, promoting the promotion of spent fuel treatment technology, strengthening the supervision of in-service units and carrying out life extension evaluation, and always regard safety as the first priority

four trends of domestic nuclear power development in the future:

1) nuclear power units will develop in the direction of miniaturization

2) the third generation nuclear power technology is not polluted by heavy metals, and the land area accounts for 64.8% of the farmland irrigation area; The end point is that the soil unsuitable for planting crops in zhusanjiao region accounts for 22.8% of the total soil area. In the future, domestic nuclear power technology will develop to advanced nuclear power technology with higher safety

3) under the background that nuclear power equipment can also increase the torsional stiffness and strength of vehicle body, and the localization level continues to improve, the localization of nuclear power equipment and materials will move forward to the deep water area, and it is expected to have full localization capacity in the future

4) nuclear fuel technology will continue to upgrade, and the short board at the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle will be supplemented

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