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How can domestic machine tools win the war of "reducing costs through technological innovation"

the so-called cost innovation, according to Zeng Ming, the author of the book "dragon travels around the world: a new pattern of made in China in the next decade", mainly contains two levels of meaning: first, enterprises further reduce costs through innovation, rather than simply low factor costs; Second, enterprises creatively apply various methods to realize (mainly application-oriented) innovation in a low-cost way, so as to greatly improve the cost performance and create global competitive advantages

we know that technology dependence has always been the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of domestic machine tool manufacturing enterprises. Although, through long-term digestion and absorption, cooperative production and other ways, the design and manufacturing technology of CNC machine tools in China has been greatly improved, but the test, digestion, mastery and innovation of key technologies are poor, and inadvertently fell into a strange circle of backwardness - catching up - falling behind again - catching up again

however, the competition in the market is brutal. Under the general trend of slowing economic growth, and with the penetration of foreign products for high-precision brands into the low-end market in recent years, the market space is gradually being squeezed, and the reality also requires the enterprises in the machine tool industry to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading and advance to the middle and high end

now that the goal has been set, what is left? Can Chinese machine tool enterprises really become world-class enterprises

China's machine tool industry used to be described as low-end scuffle and high-end loss. However, such a situation is indeed unavoidable, because China has really produced market-oriented enterprises for only 20 to 30 years. Compared with the world's century old stores, there are many things to learn, and technology is only one of them

but this is not without a chance of victory, which can be seen from the household appliance industry

the home appliance industry used to be dominated by foreign brands in the high-end and middle-end markets for a long time, and domestic brands can only fight at the low end. But after more than ten years, the household appliance industry has dominated the world. Even in the domestic market, the champion and runner up in the sales volume of the household appliance industry are domestic brands. Domestic brands have gradually penetrated into the medium and high-end market, and foreign brands have to turn around to operate the low-end market

what we can also feel deeply now is that in the field of China's machine tool industry, we can clearly see that the main competition at present is that Chinese enterprises continue to move from the low end to the high end, and multinational companies continue to penetrate from the high end. They will meet each other in the terminal market, and the factor that determines success or failure will be cost performance

it should be mentioned that not only in the Chinese market, global consumers spoiled by made in China have also raised the cost performance to an unprecedented level

therefore, although some foreign-funded brand machine tool enterprises will not clearly show their price advantages and continue to highlight their technical gold content on various occasions, we can get a glimpse of the practice of publicly posting prices on machine tool products at various exhibitions

but it should be emphasized that the premise of price advantage is that the performance is almost the same. After all, performance still comes first to cost performance. As for the impression that some customers gave domestic machine tools cheap and inferior in the past, we can only blame them

as previously said, the opponent is a hundred years of practice, but he has only been in business for less than 30 years. Strength has its inherent factors. In the past, Mao Zedong put forward the strategy of Encircling Cities from rural areas because his opponents were too strong and he was too weak, so he had to be unprepared

for enterprises that feel good about themselves in the industry, the easiest place to break through in the market is, of course, the field with the lowest profits. After surviving and expanding to form a scale advantage, the strength of mobilizing follow-up resources will increase, and the space for flashing and moving will also expand, which will provide a base for attacking medium and high-end products

undoubtedly, after years of accumulation, China's machine tool industry has already possessed such strength. What is needed is to give full play to its late developing strength and fight head-on with its rivals in the middle-end market

head-on battle

whether it's cheap or price advantage, it's undeniable that China's biggest resource advantage is still the advantage of low labor cost at present and even in the near future. Of course, with the development of education, training and other aspects, China's labor advantage is gradually upgrading from a simple labor force on the production line to engineers, designers, managers and other talents, This is the source of the advantages of the second stage of made in China

we know that the battlefield of frontal engagement will not give the opponent too much time to breathe. Similarly, the most important thing for domestic machine tools to win in the transformation and upgrading is to quickly improve their performance in the time of backwardness

although we have always emphasized independent innovation, the lack of original creativity can not be made up in a day. Under the premise of limited resources and capabilities and strong opponents, what kind of path can we take to defeat the strong with the weak

Liu Chuanzhi of Lenovo once said that Lenovo also had a development process of wringing water in a towel. Because such innovation is unavoidable: first, focus on the technological innovation at the product level, which is the easiest to enter, in exchange for the much-needed market and profits. Only after accumulating the foundation for survival and development can we have the capital to gradually approach the core technology; However, such innovation should be more active: Chinese enterprises make progress later, and if they follow others, they will inevitably have to eat some soil. The advantage is that they can practice unique skills under difficult conditions. Coupled with the determination to take the lead, they have the ability to take the lead

Mencius said: Heaven imposes great responsibilities on people. They must first work hard, strain their muscles and bones, starve their bodies and skin, empty their bodies, and brush their actions disorderly. Therefore, being moved and patient has benefited what they cannot

compared with the world famous brand machine tool enterprises in the industry at present, domestic machine tool enterprises are undoubtedly the children born of the poor, and the way for the poor to innovate is to innovate at cost and do the most perfect transactions at the lowest comprehensive price

just like the entrepreneurial spirit of Wenzhou people who live frugally, Wenzhou has become a community of rich people in China. The experience of China's machine tool industry surviving the price war in the low-end market may help it fight head-on in the middle-end market

it should be emphasized that this battle will undoubtedly be very tragic and arduous. From the initial 23000, China's home appliance industry will eventually integrate, leaving only 100, and no more than 10 brands can be familiar in the market

the machine tool industry is the same. The number of enterprises that can become a world-class cluster of new material industries must be very few. This battle is not only a process of playing games with rivals, but also a process of the industry's own market supervision bureau taking on the responsibility of anti-monopoly law enforcement

the boss of a machine tool manufacturing enterprise once privately admitted that without the bloody survival of the fittest, the industry can hardly be said to have real market competitiveness

in addition to the advantages we have fought in the red sea of the low-end market, there is also an exclusive advantage that China is undoubtedly the world's most growing market. It can be predicted that as long as China ranks first, it may become the first in the world

but to gain a long-term foothold in the global market, cost leadership may only be an initial strategy, not a long-term principle. Perhaps it is out of this consideration that many machine tool industries have put the acquisition of foreign machine tool brands on their work agenda in the process of strengthening their own cultivation

among them, the rapid improvement of technical content is one of the considerations. In the interview with many enterprises that have experience in mergers and acquisitions, we learned that in addition to valuing each other's technology, other objectives of overseas mergers and acquisitions are also very clear, such as the status and brand popularity of the target enterprise in the national control of the output pull of hydraulic cylinders? Do you have the ability to continuously develop technology? The reasons for the sale and the existing problems? Has a worldwide sales system been established, especially in the markets of developed countries

if the market is the first in the country, it may become the first in the world, but to truly become a world-class enterprise, we must look at the problem from a global perspective. Therefore, it is better to say that M & A is to borrow a ship to go to sea or to obtain core technology. At least, it has achieved innovative breakthroughs in the way

but it should be said that innovation will be a continuous historical process, not a short accident. For Chinese enterprises, the most afraid thing is that they are hot headed and regard long-distance running as a sprint. Therefore, Chinese machine tool manufacturing enterprises have a long way to go

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