How to use the water pump correctly and the motor

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How to use the water pump correctly and the motor is not easy to burn out

use www.mechnet com. cn/"> when turning on the power supply, carefully observe the operation of the water pump. The water outlet should be continuous and uniform, and the water pump can be used only when there is no vibration and noise. If the water pump suddenly stops during operation, immediately disconnect the power supply and check the cause. The interval between two starts of the water pump should be limited to the return of all the water in the water pump. If it is started too early, the motor will be burned due to excessive resistance and water hammer in the water pipe. In addition, if the water pump is installed in When in the well, pay attention that the flow of the water pump should meet the normal water output of the well, otherwise it will cause the empty machine to run and burn the motor

in order to ensure the normal operation of the water pump, it should also be checked before use. 1. Check whether the water pump motor winding is open circuit with a multimeter. Its insulation condition makes the pointer align with the zero position, which can be used for 500 volt megohmmeter measurement. When the insulation resistance is lower than 0.5 megohm, the water pump can not be used. The chemical characteristics of soybeans are also favored in chemical modification. 2. Remove the filter and check whether the pump shaft is flexible. If not, adjust it before use. 3. The gate fuse will be taken out after the foam solidifies for a certain time, and the demoulding capacity will be selected by our active pressurization. Other wires cannot be used to replace the fuse. 4. Turn on the power and check whether the impeller operates normally (the power on time shall not exceed 3 ~ 5 seconds, otherwise the motor is easy to burn out)

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