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Electromechanical home, a leading enterprise in China's Electromechanical industry, encountered "black public relations"! Founder Chen Xiaolong called for industry norms to benefit users

at present, against the backdrop of the overall slowdown in economic development, the state has launched a series of relevant policies around supply side reform and "Internet +", which has become an opportunity for the development of B2B e-commerce. At the same time, with the Internet innovation technology represented by big data and cloud computing gradually spreading to all links of service and production, it also puts forward higher requirements for the development of B2B e-commerce. For a time, many B2B business owners in vertical industries also vaguely smell their own weathervanes and have joined the ranks of transformation

according to the authoritative data of McKinsey, the current domestic B2B market scale far exceeds B2C, reaching the level of 10trillion yuan. In the future, the next bat level enterprise is likely to be born in B2B. At present, the platform represented by Alibaba is gaining momentum, but for traditional vertical B2B enterprises, how to catch this "free ride" has become a problem that every enterprise leader is thinking about in a highly competitive environment

Chen Xiaolong, the founder of Mechatronics home, believes that for B2B platforms, it is an effective way to realize the transformation and upgrading of the platform by optimizing customer relations, providing customers with better additional services and achieving revenue growth. With the continuous introduction of traffic, B2B platforms have accumulated a large amount of market data, commodity information and user data. B2B e-commerce platforms will produce great value by using the accumulated data

b2b digital display can only measure some basic data. E-commerce's ability to precipitate, mine and analyze data will become the core competitiveness of B2B e-commerce in the future. Chen Xiaolong pointed out that at present, the whole B2B industry mainly has the following characteristics: first, due to the large number of intermediary channels × Over 50, there is great information asymmetry in the whole industry. From manufacturers to general agents, to secondary agents, tertiary agents, etc., the product prices are uneven and much higher than the original price, and the utilization rate of funds is also very low; Second, with the rapid development of Internet technology, information 1. The era of Big Bang has come after the fracture of samples. How to create a shortcut between enterprises and demanders from massive information, how to correctly guide users, how to deeply understand users' needs and provide more personalized and differentiated services is also a process that enterprises must practice and learn

vicious competition is a big problem that has to be faced to hinder the development of B2B industry. As a leading enterprise in China's Electromechanical industry, electromechanical home once faced the problem of unfair competition in the development process of nearly 20 years. Recently, electromechanical home has been screened by search, and relevant industry insiders believe that this is a vicious competition in the industry. However, thanks to the trust of users and the long-term reputation of the brand, the crisis of electromechanical home has turned into a turning point, which has been recognized by customers

therefore, Chen Xiaolong also called on B2B industry practitioners to abide by industry norms, maintain a good competitive relationship, benefit the majority of enterprise users, and build a harmonious and healthy Internet platform. As long as the starting point is users and can serve users honestly, Chen Xiaolong said that the next B-class enterprise with very decadent prospects will be born in B2B stations

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