Electrical design of the hottest stadium in France

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Abstract: This paper focuses on the wiring of the power supply system of the French stadium, especially the ring power supply mode of the main circuit, standby circuit and safety circuit in the stadium and the application of its logic selectivity (ZSI)

key words: French stadium main circuit backup circuit safety circuit loop power supply Untitled Document is located in the French stadium in Saint Denis, north of Paris. It was built in 1997 and specially built for the 1998 World Cup. It is magnificent and large-scale, and can accommodate 80000 people to watch the football match. In addition to sports events, the French stadium can also host various festivals and commercial activities. Its supporting facilities include: 2 hotels, each of which can accommodate 300 people; 8000 exhibition space; 4000 business districts; 17 stores; 50 retail kiosks and 45 bars. In order to ensure the safe use of the French stadium and the smooth holding of important sports events such as the world cup, EDF (Electricite de France) has provided two 20kV professional power supplies for the main substation built in the stadium, and another 20kV line from the superior substation is used as the second standby power supply. In addition to the main substation, two low-voltage public auxiliary substations have been set up near Zizhan to supply power to the ancillary facilities of the stadium, such as restaurants, clothing stores, bars and other stores. The total design capacity of the stadium in France is 17.6mva. The scale of its distribution system can be seen in the following data: 21 20kv/410v transformers, 48 20kV medium voltage cabinets, and 379 low-voltage distribution cabinets. Schneider Electric Company provided a complete set of power distribution solutions for the French stadium, from medium and low voltage power transformation and distribution equipment to monitoring system. 1. Distribution system connection the medium voltage distribution system of the French stadium is composed of three sets of circuits; The hardness value measured by the main circuit and the standby circuit is not equivalent to the hardness safety circuit in the indentation composition area. Three sets of circuits are respectively powered by the medium voltage ring to two 2KV substations (each substation has seven 20kv/410v transformers). The safety, reliability and flexibility of the medium voltage ring power supply mode can fully meet the power demand of different events held by the stadium and make full use of various resources. The specific structure is detailed below. The main substation supplies power: one loop (open loop) supplies two sub stations, which are located in the northwest and Southeast corners of the stadium respectively; One substation supplies refrigeration/heating system and generator room equipment (energy). Two underground parking lot feeders (P1 and P3), each for 800kV A transformer, in addition, another 400KW generator is set for P3, which can supply the demand of safety lighting and equipment when the main circuit loses power; One outgoing line is supplied to one set of 630kv in the power room (energy) A transformer. 1.1 main circuit: it is powered by 20kV main substation, and the main electrical equipment is lighting, heating, ventilation, sockets and small power equipment. 20kV adopts Mei Lan RI LAN SF6 switchgear. Two 1600kv A transformer is used to supply power to low-voltage cabinets (C1, C2) of "standard" equipment; The third transformer supplies power to the low-voltage cabinet (P) used for "Sports" equipment; The fourth 1000kv A transformer supplies power to "safety" equipment. 1.2 standby circuit: the standby circuit plays a role when the main circuit, that is, the public distribution loses power. The power is supplied by four 1200kW generators, and a 20kV ring transmits the electric energy of the generator to two sub stations. Each substation has two 1600kV A supply power to the low-voltage cabinet. There are many closed holes in these materials. The low-voltage cabinet in this section has three outgoing lines, and two are used as backup for the "standard" equipment section, 1 road as "Sports" "Standby of equipment section. This design ensures the continuity of the operation of the electrical equipment of the stadium. 1.3 safety circuit: used in the event of an accident or fire to ensure the safe evacuation of the public, it must ensure that it operates continuously for at least 1 hour by itself. The safety equipment for the power consumption of the stadium includes 2 kinds: safety lighting; alarm system, fire monitoring, smoke exhaust system, water pump, ventilation network and safety signs. The safety circuit can be controlled by any One generator supplies power, and its capacity can meet the needs of all safety equipment. However, considering that the power supply of the safety circuit must ensure 100% reliability, a separately placed generator gives priority to the power supply of the circuit and has its own fuel equipment. At the same time, other generators are used as backup of this generator. The safety circuit is also a 20kV ring, which supplies the "safety" equipment bus (s) located in the two sub stations. This part is located in a different room from the other parts of the sub station. Therefore, ternary materials will have a good utilization room in the two major markets in the future, including a 1000kV A transformer and low-voltage cabinet have 18 outgoing lines, 9 for sound and smoke exhaust system, and 9 for safety lighting. At the same time, the bus (s) can also be connected by another 1000kV from the main circuit A transformer power supply. In addition, the safety distribution system is also equipped with 4 sets of Meilan GERAN 100kv A. When the main circuit and the standby circuit are energized at the same time, the power supply can be guaranteed for 80 minutes. The four generators designed by the French sports venues are used as the power supply of the standby circuit and the safety circuit at the same time because they meet the following three conditions at the same time: when one of the 14 generator power supplies is lost, the other generator power supplies can meet the load power requirements of all the safety circuits. Any of the four generator power supplies can supply power to any safety equipment. The failure of any generator power supply or equipment will not affect the normal operation of other power supplies or safety equipment. 1.4 according to the current standards, during the world cup and other large-scale sports events, half of the lighting lamps need to be powered by public electricity, and the other half by generators. If either of the power supply is cut off, the lighting brightness of the stadium will be reduced from 1600lx to 800, which is enough to ensure the normal progress of the game. All low-voltage outgoing lines supply power to different floors along the cable channels in 9 columns. Each column has 7 cable channels: 2 for "preparation" equipment and 3 for "Sports" equipment; Two are used for "safety" equipment (separated from other channels to avoid accidents). There are 63 low-voltage feeders in the two sub stations, of which 34 are from the southeast station and 29 are from the Northwest Station. These outgoing lines are distributed as follows: 18 for "standard" equipment; 27 for "Sports" equipment; When the main circuit loses power, the 45 outgoing lines can be powered by the standby circuit; 18 safety outgoing lines (9 for safety lighting and 9 for other safety equipment). These counties can be powered by generators or main circuits to provide production efficiency for enterprises. 2 grounding and protection 2.1 grounding medium voltage (safety and standby

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