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Electrical safety problems and measures in building decoration

with the improvement of people's living standards in China, housing is becoming more and more spacious, and the standard of building decoration is also getting higher and higher. Housing decoration is bound to transform or re lay the original electrical lines. When people pursue aestheticism and comfort in the decoration process, the safety of dark lines cannot be ignored

1 hidden dangers of concealed wires in decoration the author has witnessed the following quality problems in many construction teams:

1) in order to pursue economic benefits, low-quality control switches, low-quality wires and unqualified insulating materials are used in the market.

2) sheathed wires are generally used for embedded wires, and protective tubes are not worn

3) when the old house was reconstructed, the original aluminum wire was directly connected with the newly laid copper wire.

4) there is no repeated grounding at the incoming line, which will cause the load zero offset when the zero line is open

5) there is no fuse or low-voltage circuit breaker installed on the power mains, and there is no short-circuit and overload protection.

6) use the domestic water supply pipe as the grounding wire, endangering personal safety

7) use wires and other weak current conductors instead of power conductors.

since the lightweight alliance was established in the automotive industry in 2007

8) replace the influence of different proportions of PVC and CPE with copper wire or iron wire on the performance of dry mix fuse, and replace the household control switch with weak current switch

9) conductor joints are buried in the wall, and junction boxes are not installed

at present, the decoration market is quite chaotic. Due to the low cost, many scattered construction teams without construction qualifications, and even migrant workers enter the decoration market at one stroke. SMEC's electricians are generally of low quality. Most of them are employed without professional training, and the process is extremely careless, which is the root of the hidden danger.  

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