Electrical hardware and software configuration of

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Electrical hardware and software configuration of excitation system

1 electrical hardware configuration of the system

the core components of the regulator include the digital sampling circuit of analog signal, the control operation and logic judgment circuit of CP port and the digital phase-shifting trigger circuit. There are also some auxiliary power circuits

each channel convenience includes:

dual power supply plug-in mbd207

24v pulse and operation power plug-in mbd206

+5v, +12v,.L2v power plug-in mbd205

cp port plug-in (using 32 DSP and FPGA chip) mbd202

i/O plug-in mbd203

pulse power amplification plug-in mbd204

analog signal isolation input (the main strengthening phase of 100V and 5agh2132 is dispersion 'phase direct input

input) mbd201

2 system electrical software configuration

savr.2000 microcomputer excitation regulator software realizes most of the functions of excitation regulation and protection. It not only replaces the regulation function of analog regulator, but also realizes and expands the functions that Lang: multi convenience circuit is difficult to realize, which fully reflects the advantages of microcomputer excitation regulator. It is mainly composed of main program and control and adjustment program

2 system function

savr.2000 the fundamental task of generator excitation regulator is to maintain the generator terminal voltage constant. Therefore, its basic function is regulation and control

(1) analog quantity acquisition: the regulator sends the three-phase voltage and current of the stator to a/D for sampling after isolation and transformation. The voltage and current of each phase are collected 32 times in a cycle. Because the sampling is synchronous, the voltage pc/abs alloy is the most suitable. Zhang Zhiyong and other researchers also use waste plastics in asphalt pavement. It is also found that waste plastics can significantly improve the high-temperature stability of asphalt and asphalt concrete. The materials and current suitable for automotive interior parts are flawless, which can ensure the accuracy of active and reactive power measurement

(2) closed loop regulation

(3) pulse output

(4) limitation and protection

(5) logical judgment

(6) set the given value

(7) dual computer communication

(8) self check and self diagnosis

(9) human machine interface, which is composed of seven windows: main control window, setting window, information window, switching value, alarm window, parameter window and test window. Click the pagination bar below the window to select the corresponding window

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