Electrical safety technology of the hottest mine

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Mine electrical safety technology

the rated voltage levels of mine power supply and distribution voltage and various electrical equipment are as follows:

(1) the distribution voltage of surface high-voltage power in open-pit mines and underground mines is generally 6kV and 10kV. Underground high-voltage power distribution, generally 6kV. Under the condition of ensuring safety and durability, try to reduce the weight per gram

(2) the ground low-voltage power distribution of open-pit mines and underground mines generally adopts 380V and 380V/220V. The distribution voltage of underground low-voltage circuit is generally 380V or 220V

(3) the underground lighting voltage, transportation roadway and shaft bottom parking lot should not exceed 22. According to the special organization principle of foam granulator, 0V; The voltage between the mining face, ore drawing roadway, raise and raise to the mining face shall not exceed 36V; The voltage of the portable lamp shall not exceed 36V

(4) the voltage of handheld electrical equipment should not exceed 127V

(5) the power supply voltage of electric locomotive shall not exceed 380V with AC power supply; The DC power supply shall not exceed 550V

2. basic measures for mine electrical safety

the basic measures for mine electrical safety include direct electric shock protection measures, indirect electric shock protection measures, electrical operation safety measures, electrical safety operating procedures, electrical safety appliances, electrical fire fighting technology, organizing professional supervision and inspection of electrical safety Do a good job in the management of electrical operators, formulate safety signs, etc

the protection of mine electrical network mainly includes protective grounding, leakage protection and overcurrent protection. The metal shell and framework of electrical equipment with a voltage above 36V in the mine and possible dangerous voltage due to insulation damage, as well as the accessories and metal sheath of cables must be protected against grounding

when the equipment or line leaks electricity, the leakage protector obtains an abnormal signal through the detection mechanism of the protection device, prompting the actuator to act and automatically cut off the power supply. The leakage protection device of underground low-voltage electricity is generally installed at the power end to monitor the electrical insulation to avoid rusting

all electrical equipment and power supply lines must have reliable overcurrent protection. Overcurrent protection includes short-circuit protection, overload protection (overload protection) and phase failure protection

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